Heart on my forehead

Linda over at litebeing chronicles issued a challenge this months to write a post “celebrating your unique essence and energy.”  I’m not sure whether this post expresses my uniqueness, but it certainly wanders down the bizarre trail my life has been following for some years and I kind of think this thing on my forehead may turn out to be more central to who I am than I can now imagine.

The last couple of months the unwinding process in my head has been both challenging and exciting.  The piece I’ve been particularly interested in involves the muscles in my forehead.

Over the last couple of months the muscles around my third eye have increasingly bulged out as a result of all the untwisting and movement in the muscles behind my eyes. Somewhere along the way I noticed the shape they are assuming looks more and more like a heart.  I’m not much on taking selfies and I had quite a time getting shots of my own forehead in the right light for it to show up.  Hope you can see what I’m seeing.

UPDATE 11/12/16:  I also have no talent for (or interest in) art programs like Paint, but I kept fiddling around and more or less managed to draw around the bulges to make it easier to see, so I’ve added the photo with drawing.

Over the course of lots of posts I’ve told the story of a shaman telling me there was a big wound in my maternal line and I needed to go back seven generations to find the source. Using meditation to reach back, I found an ancestor witch burned at the stake and a distressed daughter who shut down the “sight” that had been our lineage–for all succeeding generations.

I’ve been through several stages and types of healing, from using long distance Reiki to send healing back in time, to creating a ceremony for a group to heal ancestral issues, and then creating a private ceremony to heal this issue, to having major sessions with healers to address the many ways this issue tied up the muscles in my head.

Throughout, the notion that I’m from a line of Seers meandered vaguely through my consciousness.  The more the muscles unwound, the more I noticed a good portion of the twisted up stuff involved a stranglehold on my third eye and I could see how well that situation served the ancestral “curse” of shutting down the sight for all who came after.

I’m fascinated to see this heart around my third eye as the muscles which created a squeeze blocking the area are slowly unwinding.  Although I can make guesses as to what this means, no big insight has struck.  Fun to follow its progress though…


11 thoughts on “Heart on my forehead

  1. Thank you Leigh for stepping up to the challenge. I do kinda see a heart and I believe it is just “the tip of the iceberg”. Perhaps it signifies a linkage between an open heart and the ability to see the unseen. Not sure, but it is exciting to witness your evolution and behold the end of a very elaborate healing journey. Do you see yourself as a seer? Do you own that aspect of you or is it more of a mythology about your lineage and not applicable to you in this present incarnation? I hope the questions are relevant and not intrusive. I am fascinated with the revelations that you share here.

    Blessings on your healing and whatever follows ❤

    • The seer thing came as a big surprise. Once I knew it was there, I could kind of see how my Mom and her sister pick(ed) things up sometimes and i know I’ve always had odd flashes of “seeing”. It’s been picking up as this process moves along. But in my early days of New Age stuff I kind of neatly avoided Wicca and taking classes about telepathy, etc. Part of the reason I’m in a wait and see about what comes after is I have a big sense that opening access to my third eye and “seeing” will be a game changer. I’m prepared to re-embrace the lineage, but I have to admit it’s a little scary; until I see how it manifests, hard to know whether I’ll choose to shut it back down or move on.
      And you’re my friend — you get to ask questions. I’ve really appreciated the similar nature our paths have sometimes had and I always enjoy reading your posts.

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  3. Yes I can see your heart, how fascinating to follow this as it indeed unwinds and uncovers your unique magnificence. Since the last eclipse the third eye has been naturally activated so you can do some extra breath work here and reveal all. To allow comes to mine though. Here to your seeing… love to you x barbara

    • Fascinating for me too as this is mostly uncharted territory. Waiting and allowing seem to have been the path for this one for quite a long time now. Thanks for your love and support–Hugs, Leigh

  4. Oh boy, I can relate! Hi Leigh! Here I am, a fellow reader-blogger :o)

    I’ve been having “3rd eye” headaches, probably due to my intense program of study, and thinking too much – but, I’ve journeyed on many of the issues you’ve mentioned here. I am also an attuned Reiki master and have used Reiki in many settings (and with groups) in an attempt to alleviate this same 3rd-eye-clog. Same with the witch past lives/or family line, and probably present one, too. Sometimes I think collective consciousness clumps up in certain family lines. Here’s an interesting and brief story: One of my shaman sisters was unable to make it to our “2nd Step shamanic practitioner” graduation last week. I got in touch with her and told her how much I missed her and understand these things (timing issues). The night before (the middle of the night) I had so much unusual feeling in my heart which I started to feel again as she was texting me, telling me about how “due to my contacting her” her “heart pain” since the 8th grade (now in her 40s) in her heart, had dissolved. The way she described the pain, was exactly what I have felt the previous night, but was no longer feeling (except at the moment when she told me hers had gone – I had a flash of it). In that moment, I was so absolutely reminded, that even beyond family, we share family. We can heal one another. No need to set an appointment! Thank you for sharing your blog post, maybe more stuff will dissolve and free us. Meanwhile: you’ve got a great heart on your forehead! Lol. I have to try and see it, but I do see it. May we all find our cures! (not curse) via one another, and in deep meditation. Namaste, Aloha, so much love, xo Ka

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