Calling and Purpose

Chapman Dr, Corte Madera

Chapman Dr, Corte Madera

A little side note:  In a recent post I described a joyous day when I hit a particular stretch of my usual walk in Corte Madera but I didn’t think I had a good photo to include.  Going through some shots a few days ago I came across the above photo…  yup, that’s it, the spot where I jumped and danced around in circles…  And I kind of think the road is calling us 🙂

As you know, for many years I’ve been going through a collection of health issues that have kept me isolated and, often, not able to do too much.  One of the interesting aspects of sitting outside mainstream life has been watching how much people talk about life’s purpose and their calling.

Here in the U.S. living a purpose and/or following a calling is a big preoccupation.  And, as I’ve noted before, it always seems to be a calling to external activities/accomplishments.  So I periodically wind up trying to decide if I have a purpose or a calling.  And wondering if they’re the same thing?

I mean I feel called to do some things, like follow a certain route or make a donation or take a class, and I don’t feel it’s my life’s purpose to follow that call.  I know some people use “calling” in a bigger sense and they mean something like life purpose.

A while back my reflections on having a purpose led to seeing this long healing road has been my purpose.  Even though it’s not a purpose the mainstream would recognize as such…  When I started pondering my “calling”, it seemed far easier to get how “called” to this path of healing I’ve been.

Most of the way along I didn’t get how raveled and complex it was nor did I come close to comprehending how huge the impact of this journey would be, but I absolutely felt called to follow the path to healing, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

And at many points along the way I’ve felt called to learn or return to a particular practice or to start a certain alternative therapy or to visit a healer.  Every branch of the path I’ve followed has been one that drew me, compelling me along.

For a long time I’ve felt a little lost as the end of this particular healing journey regarding my muscles has drawn near.  There’s been no sense of what comes after and my life has been so focused on healing it’s been hard to imagine what to do without that focus.

While I was reading Elizabeth Lesser’s wonderful new book, Marrow, I had an epiphany about one next step.  It’s just a beginning, but the great ideas that magically arise from the ethers are always the ones I know to follow.  They spark and sizzle and light me up inside.They often take their time unfolding, but once I’ve seen that glimpse,  it will come together in its own time.

Yes, I feel called toward this project and yes, it feels like part of my purpose.  Or one of my purposes… or callings.  It also feels like it comes after the physical healing.  I’ve worked long and hard to restore my body…  I can wait for the conclusion of this phase.  It’s nice to feel the next “call” beckoning me, but there’s other work to do first.

Do you know what your purpose is?  Do you feel purpose and calling are the same thing?  Do you think each of us has one or more than one purpose?  Does purpose change with time?  Do you feel there is any such thing as life’s purpose?

8 thoughts on “Calling and Purpose

  1. Always a change to guide us ever forward. I think it was when I realised I was constantly fighting it, not wanting to go towards my fears.
    But gradually I realised I was just blocking my journey, so I stopped and listened. And those synchronicities became a little louder, each time I faced something, the debis cleared a bit more, and my life began to get much easier because I began to ‘hear’ what had been there all along 🙂
    Great post Leigh, may your journey always be loud and clear 🙂

  2. My sense is that calling and purpose can change over time, and for some never change. For me, I have always had a desire/calling to be a force for good in the world. My understanding of what that means has changed over the years, and continues to evolve. I am not always sure what a force for good means. Maybe we all are in some way.

    The older I get the more I question the idea of having a purpose. Sometimes, I feel that I am here for certain reasons. Other times, I wonder if having a purpose is an ego trip. I go back and forth with this.

    Looking forward to hearing about your journey and how it unfolds.

    • I get the back and forth — same kind of questions I’m asking.
      I’m also now wondering if it’s possible (and maybe frequent) to be called to something that could relate to a life purpose but because of lack of evolving/personality issues, to wind up executing in a way that’s against purpose???

  3. I can definitely relate to what you’re saying because I have had to concentrate on getting well or staying healthy throughout my life. It has required conscious effort always and rather distracts from any other purpose. I was also supporting myself most of my life and most of the time was a teacher. I think my calling was to express my creativity through dance, writing, and teaching, but my purpose was to take full responsibility for myself and to encourage others to be their true selves.

  4. I think that we do have a life purpose, and the message that keeps coming to me lately is, “You be you!” I believe that everyone’s purpose is to be the truest self they can be, no matter what they do day to day. I don’t think on the whole it matters a ton “what” we do, but ideally, following something that we really resonate with will definitely bring the most satisfaction and joy into our lives. How exciting for you to be nearing a jumping off point for something new.

    • Good reminder — I do think we’re all here to learn how to live in bodies with higher consciousness — haven’t thought of it as “purpose” but I guess that kind of defines a universal life purpose…
      I like the you be you message — which I could see as being about being your essence in a body — your unique personality and your divine being in balance — the ultimate “you”

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