Me and the Sun Porch

Okay, I’ve been all serious, deep thinking and heavily pontificating lately so I figured it was time for something a little lighter.  I’ve also been realizing a place where my blog always feels lacking to me is on the kind of personal stuff some of my favorite bloggers regularly post.

Not that I don’t reveal some deeply personal things here, but when I think of some of my faves such as Ra over at Rarasaur, Louise at Dare Boldly, or Liz at be love live I see these unfolding stories of lives being lived, events chronicled, etc. as well as their own lovely brands of deep spiritual thinking about all of it.

The thing is, in the years I’ve been blogging I’ve also not really been having a life in that sense.  A lot has happened but it’s all about healing on various levels and the toll it has all taken on my body has kept me mostly at home.

So a lot of my contemplation lately as I move through what I’m devoutly hoping is the final stretch of this portion of my healing journey (I’ve come to believe the journey of healing, growing, expanding never ends), is wondering what the next phase will be.  Right now I still don’t know and, as I’ve mentioned, I don’t want to plot and plan before I’m able to do it from the vantage point of the healed version of me.  Transformation is constantly in process and my sense of self and what I want changes with it…

In the meantime, a lot of this contemplating is happening on my sun porch (remember,, the lighter note of the post 🙂 ) and I took a few shots one day to show my view when I’m hanging out there.  And since I keep mentioning my new hang out, thought I’d share:

4 thoughts on “Me and the Sun Porch

  1. Leigh,

    I’m happy to have stumbled upon your blog and to have found another with a similarly scattered set of interests in healing arts, but did so through looking for a yoga instructor and after reading a few of your entries here am getting the impression that you no longer teach classes. If this is true, are you able to direct me to a studio/instructor whom you would recommend? You seem to be knowledgeable in these areas, so I would greatly appreciate your opinion.

    Also, your sun porch is lovely and I hope its ambience brings you peace.

    Thanks, and blessings ❤

    • You’re right, at the moment I’m not teaching except private students or people who can put a small group together and provide a big enough space. Unfortunately the other yoga teacher I used to recommend in this area has also quit teaching. Lexington has a little too much “aerobic yoga” for my taste, and, since I’ve been practicing for 30 years I don’t feel much need to take classes so I’m not too familiar with the current scene. Sorry.
      Glad you found my blog!

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