J2P Monday: Peace and Politics

English: Peace Symbol at a school in Germany. ...

Symbol at a school in Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every political season (does it ever end now?) for some years has felt a little ornerier and more contentious than the last.  This time around I’m struggling to hold my space of peace in the face of the vitriol I run into every time I look at Facebook or turn on the TV.

Whatever your political persuasion, you do not contribute to peace by ridiculing, vilifying or angrily condemning the folks on the other side.  And I get it.  I struggle to keep hatred at bay when I contemplate Donald Trump.  But as I look at the countless ugly remarks, snotty commentaries and general malevolence toward him I wonder if anyone stops to think about how hatred and malevolence destroy peace.

Every time I think those angry thoughts or see one of those snotty posts, if I direct those kinds of barbs and jokes at him, I have to ask myself how am I then any different than him?  When I behave as badly as he does, I am basically being him.  More crucially, when I aim those arrows, I am not staying conscious of the one true thing:  I AM HIM AND HE IS ME.

I really like Deepak Chopra’s analysis of Donald Trump as being the representative of the Shadow.  And his reminder that failure to face the shadow within us is always present when the Hitlers, Idi Amins, Joseph McCarthys and Trumps of the world step up and carry us into darkness.  For me the key point of this reminder is the knowledge to which I always return:  the only heart I can change is mine.

Anyone or anything I see outside of me and feel is bad or wrong or disturbing reflects something in me.  So if I’m not happy with Trump (or substitute whatever candidate you abhor), then what aspects of him are in me?  What am I not facing?

  • What do I fear so greatly in the world?  If I see him as coming from fear and working on creating fear, where is the fear in me that I’m not seeing?
  • How poor is my self-esteem if I see him as lacking it?
  • In what ways am I as hateful as I perceive him being?
  • How am I “dumb” to the realities of life going on around me?
  • How and when do I share fear instead of love?

Anything I can see in me I can heal.  As I’ve noted many times, I love using the Ho’opono pono prayer for healing.

  • For every way in which I allow fear to displace love and peace, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you
  • For every hateful thought I harbor for anyone, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you
  • For seeing anyone ever as “other”, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you
  • For any way in which I lack enough faith to know in all ways every day all is well, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you
  • If there is anything within me that blocks me from “being peace”, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you


Yep, I haven’t issued a challenge for a long time, but here’s one I challenge you to do throughout this political season in the U.S. or, if you live in a place where no election is looming until you feel at peace with it:

  1. No matter who you favor and who you don’t among the candidates [if you’re not in an election cycle make it a politician you dislike], every time you catch yourself thinking with fear, animosity, or hatred about any candidate, stop and create a list of things that upset or disturb you about that candidate.
  2. Go deep within and ask yourself where within you does each thing on the list exist?  What are the fears that create the anger?  What’s going on with your faith?
  3. Do whatever healing practice you wish, whether it’s saying the ho’onopono pono prayer or doing Reiki or following a guided meditation for healing or???, about everything you discover within you.  And keep doing it until you can look at all the candidates and only feel peace.


12 thoughts on “J2P Monday: Peace and Politics

  1. Such a wise reminder Leigh. It’s so easy to have a knee-jerk reaction to people like Trump, but he is just another part of the creative play. I stay sane by avoiding a bit – I never watch the news, and I frequently edit my FB news feed so only the friends and family stuff comes up. For a while a few months back it was full of nothing but the US election and all its attendant vitriol. That’s when I found I could customize the news feed to only show the kinds of posts I wanted to see.

    • I’ll have to look into that. A huge number of my friends and family are spewing, so “hide from wall” would mean cutting them off — if there’s a choice that lets me see only certain of their posts, I’d love to do that!

      • Tiny arrow top right of post. First option is “Hide Post – see fewer posts like this” It doesn’t block the person, it just blocks posts about that subject. For instance my niece is a horse podiatrist and she frequently posts links to other horse sites/horse people. I choose the one – no more posts from “whatever site” and now I only get the things she posts about her own life. With friends posting about US politics I do the ‘fewer posts like this” option. If they post about something else it will still come through.

  2. Aw sweet girl, I have had all these thoughts, I have contemplated how the vitriol is in me, as I loathed them both and she even more than he. However I caught it and made adjustments. I did not do Ho’opono pono prayer but instead focused on what I what, was Bernie, now Jill. I even had a talk with my mother about this, and she agreed we created our world. ❤

    I love your challenge and I fortunately caught it in myself, and I have been working on it. I thought of the Ho'opono pono prayer and the Gnostic psychological mirror. So I am participating.

    Love you. I will continue to envision the world I want with love ❤


  3. Thanks. I’ve been asking myself some of these same questions too…while being dismayed when I see PEOPLE I HIGHLY RESPECT throw themselves into the Trump trap of negativity. I really appreciate how you offer us some positive action.

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