Switching things up and other miscellany

SF Skyline 2016

For some reason the process of organization involved in writing my pieces about practices  (first two here and here) is beyond my mental capacity lately.  So, those posts are still coming but I had a few more stream-of-consciousness thoughts I thought I’d try to convey…  We’ll see what my mind’s willing to do 🙂


Something like 11 months ago I had a revelation when I shifted gears on many entrenched daily habits and watched a movie on a laptop perched on a table on our sun porch.  When I first moved here I spent a lot of time on the sun porch but in my recent years of being a sedentary hermit I’d taken to hanging out all day in the far darker family room with my laptop in my lap.

By several months later I was writing a post about  making some small changes which seemed to be helping.  And then a few months after that I wrote of making a practice of doing little things, which was reinforced by watching a Matt Kahn video exhorting us all to do just that.

The sun porch habit has been growing and I suddenly realized as the summer has progressed I’ve moved into a pattern of hanging out on the sun porch most days for at least half an hour and often more like three or four.  I’ve been leaving an old laptop on the porch table and writing out there.

Still trying out playlists (another of the new things), though I sometimes get stuck on one.  In a burst of nostalgia when I thought Nashville was cancelled I put together a Spotify playlist of the albums from the show and have played it a lot and started buying my faves, creating a still-growing playlist of the ones I love best.  It also has me singing again.

After years of voice lessons, dreaming of a music career, singing briefly in a band, etc. these recent years of not playing music have also meant not singing even for my own pleasure.  It’s been great fun singing along again and especially fun to join some of the great duos and trios they’ve put together on the show and pick out one of the harmony lines to sing along with.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m still in kind of a waiting phase, so in terms of a big list of things accomplished my life looks pretty uneventful.  But I keep realizing there’s something about this draw to be back in the sunniest room in the house and spending time writing and reading instead of watching TV while on the computer that feels like a sea change.

Every day I feel it like a need, to head to the room full of windows and skylights and be in the light again.  More and more, once I’m out there, I keep doing one more thing and then another to avoid going back to my little nest in the family room with the laptop in my lap and the TV playing.

The exercise bike is out there and a yoga mat, so I’ve also been doing more exercise and movement practices while gazing at the green yard decorated with pink and red roses.

There’s something about this shift that feels so important to the process of coming alive again and getting my stamina back.


I’ve been getting a kick lately at the many pundits I’m seeing who now advise that in spiritual practices and also in exercises, it’s best to have a shifting roster instead of choosing one or two.  I’ll get into the multi-practice vs. one practice bit in the next piece in the practices series.

But given my small revelation last fall about doing a few small new things and feeling so much better for it, I love seeing this is now the big recommendation.  I even just read a piece that says switching among different types of exercise is better for your muscles.

I, of course, have mentioned I’ve been switching it up with both spiritual practices and physical exercises (some of which coincide with one another… both spiritual and physical).  I’m learning that it suits me much better and I’m much more likely to pick something to do each day if I can choose the one(s) I’m drawn to do instead of doing whatever I’ve decided I “must” do.

And now I find out instead of this being the path of a dilettante, it’s the best way to do it.  Who knew? 🙂  Well, I was clear it’s been good for me…


In the meantime, the tight, tight stuff at the core continues to unwind.  I’ve been fascinated lately to realize there’s clearly an energy meridian going from my eyes to my feet* down both sides and some of the opening behind my eyes has sent floods of energy through those opening pathways.

Both the unwinding and the bursts of energy interfere with sleep and the process continues to leave me tired but it’s all kind of exciting!

*I know there are liver meridians that go from somewhere not too far in toward your nose from the inside point of each eyebrow down all or most of the way but I’d need to consult with an acupuncturist as to whether those are the two I’m currently opening.




3 thoughts on “Switching things up and other miscellany

  1. Have you tried acupuncture? As I’m trying to focus more on my body this year, I have found it to be a valuable ally, as is the practitioner’s wisdom. I took down the blinds in my bedroom so that more light shines in. That changed the feel of the room quite a bit, although you’re making a screened porch sound great!

    • Yes, I had regular acupuncture for 15 or 16 years. Didn’t really help with the muscle stuff too much although I did have an acupuncturist in Mill Valley who understood kundalini and its relation to prana so he helped with the energy issues — but many of them don’t have that particular expertise and I don’t live near him any more.
      It’s a sun porch, so more of a room with lots of windows and skylights and it has its own heating/ac unit so I can get the sunshine, fresh air if it’s nice enough to open windows or a comfortable inside temp if outside is less comfy. Very nice.

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