“Sharing French Fries With a Stranger in the Chicago Airport” – By Carmelene Melanie Siani

I am working on what’s turning out to be two more parts of my series on practices, but this Kindness Blog post is such a good tale of staying in the moment and holding focus on the positive I couldn’t resist sharing it

Kindness Blog

I had been sitting at the bar in the Chicago airport talking congenially over drinks for 20 minutes or so with a young woman from Berkeley, California. 

She worked in production for a film company, was flying to Burbank and was a total stranger.

“Are you done with your French fries?” I asked as she pushed her plate away.

“Oh, sure” she said, nudging that same plate towards me. “Help yourself.”

The TV was on. She had just finished saying that she was worried about the election and about the terrorist shootings.

“It’s like the world is falling apart,” she lamented.

She was worried about our future, about our country and about feeling unsafe in an unsafe world.

“Pay attention to the world around you,” I told her, “The one you live in.  Don’t pay attention to the one that is translated for you by that,” I said, gesturing towards…

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6 thoughts on ““Sharing French Fries With a Stranger in the Chicago Airport” – By Carmelene Melanie Siani

  1. This world is nothing like when I was growing up. We could leave our doors unlocked, during the summer I slept on the screen in back porch because it was often to hot in the house enough with the windows up. Today I would never thinking about any of that. Plus the world is in an unrest stay it is all scary. I’m not even I would be okay about sharing Fries with a stranger in a public airport. But I will say I did like your blog if out of 2 people running for president I’m afraid one will get us into war and I’m not sure the other one would fight so we are indeed in a sad state of affairs. I hope some kind of miracle happens soon.

    • It actually depends on your perspective and what you choose to notice, which was her point in the post, I think. For instance, I wrote a post a while back using my experience in studying crime statistics to point out that the statistical chance of being the victim of a crime has actually not changed (except for black and hispanic males between 15 and 25) since well before the 1940s, when people left everything unlocked, etc. What has changed is the way crime numbers are reported and thus the perception of crime is that it’s worse and the fears are based on that misperception. There’s all kinds of good stuff in the world and good people doing good things every day. Just depends on what you choose to focus on…

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