On Living and Dying Day 21 by Leigh Gaitskill

On The Seeker’s Dungeon, Sreejit is asking for posts about Living and Dying and I wrote this for the series. It’s been interesting so far so I suggest you read the earier posts and keep checking in for the new ones.

The Seeker's Dungeon

Life’s Cycles of Living and Dying 

by Leigh Gaitskill of Not Just Sassy on the Inside

I often think of living and dying in terms of the big finale and the life leading up to it. My father is 91 and my mother is 90, so death in that sense is on my mind. But more often lately I’m focused on the many ways in which we can die and live again in the course of a lifetime.

I’m arriving at a big juncture in a long, long tale of physical healing which, of course, has included a lot of emotional and spiritual healing. As my life slowly shifts into a new space in which my body is finally healthy and my muscles are at last free, I’ve been through a time of grieving for the me who once was.

As the final muscles are letting go I’m also experiencing…

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