The Technological Gods are Mad at Me!?! :-)

Corte Madera canal

Corte Madera canal

When last heard from, I’d experienced some internet and computer problems in Marin and all seemed to be straightened out … NOT.

A couple of days later, my hosts’ fancy jet tub started turning itself on and running the drying cycle every day at 5 p.m. or so.  They didn’t know what I could do to make it stop and the owner’s manual provides detailed info on how to install a tub but ZERO info on how to actually operate it. Not even a diagram of the control panel let alone instructions on how to use it. So that kept happening.

Another couple of days after that I had trouble getting ice from their ice maker and when I fiddled with the lever, it spewed ice all over that end of the kitchen.  Then went back to functioning normally.

When I got to Chicago, my final flight was cancelled and I had to get a hotel (which the airline didn’t pay for).  The TV and the hair dryer in my hotel room were both not working.  My bags are finally at the airport and they’re refusing to deliver them so I have to go back to the airport to collect them.

I arrived home and got on line while watching TV and a few hours later the TV and internet went down.  My phone line, on the same account, has had trouble since the day we got this new set up and I’ve spent the morning trying to get my phone fixed…

Okay, what did I do to piss off the gods of technology???  I’m so glad I’m the new me (see previous post) so instead of ranting and reveling in melodrama, I think it’s a hoot.  Really, what did I do???  Haven’t meditated on it yet to find out what I missed the last time I meditated on it…

13 thoughts on “The Technological Gods are Mad at Me!?! :-)

    • It seems to be fading away on its own — maybe all those retrogrades are ending??? –though I think I’ll be holding my breath every time I turn something on for a while 🙂

  1. Mercury is really messing with your chart. That is my take! So inspired by the new you! It is really great to see how you cope. My hat is off to you!

    Hope all will be resolved in good order.

    hugs, Linda

  2. OMG Leigh, it’s all to bizarre. One thing after another. I can’t imagine what it’s all about. Maybe to experience life without it all? I don’t know. Great that you can laugh about it.

    • Crazy, huh? I haven’t looked into the end date of the retrogrades but I’ve had a few days of turning things on and having then work as expected, so maybe over. I think it did me good to be without things — and to realize how easily I can find something else or some other way. It also was a great opportunity to really get how far I’ve come compared to how I once would have handled it all. Took a lot of work to be able to laugh…

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  4. What a trip! Life seems to be making everything harder than usual for you. It is funny when it gets that challenging. Maybe the God’s are asking you to travel with someone else so you aren’t alone during your struggles. So hard to interpret or understand life’s struggles sometimes.

    Hope the God’s ease up on you soon, and your life becomes full of much more ease.

    P.S. If it’s any comfort, I drove into my garage and had to have the right mirror fixed last week. After waiting a few hours, they told me they had the wrong mirror installed. Had to come back and have it reinstalled. I have been trying to create a more professional business website, which has been an exercise in hitting roadblocks. There have been a LOT of planets in retrograde lately. I will be glad when a few of them go direct.

    • A travel companion does sound nice though these days it’s pretty much always my mother, in which case I have to handle everything for both of us, which is worse…
      Sorry to hear about the car and garage. And I sure know how those web things can go. Here’s to the end of the retrogrades!

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