Sideways in Marin


I’m having a lovely time here, basking in the beauty and spending time with beloved friends as well as thoroughly enjoying the sweet kitties for whom I’m sitting.   But much has gone sideways here and I’m still sorting through the lessons.

I brought my phone, which has wifi internet access, but the screen is so small I only use it for certain apps.  I also brought a Kindle Fire, for reading and watching Netflix, as my hosts don’t have a TV connection of any sort.  Those were my main planned forms of entertainment when stuck up here alone (more on that later)…. and of course they require the internet.  And then I brought my ancient laptop, as I’ve never been able to successfully write anything of length on a screen keyboard nor have I had much luck getting blog posts to come out right from an android type device.  Intended to write posts as I contemplated and accomplish some other writing too…

Imagine my dismay last Saturday morning when I figured out the internet account of my hosts had been suspended as they forgot to pay the bill before leaving.  And they were in the busiest two days of teaching so didn’t want to clear up the issue.  Then, I got up on Sunday morning to find the kitties knocked my laptop to the floor and it’s dead.  What???  Hello, Universe…  what’s the deal?

So I practiced yoga and took lovely walks.  The reading plan had been to get library books, one at a time, downloaded onto the Kindle (which is new and has few things downloaded on it yet) and fortunately I’d gotten one nice long Louise Penny novel downloaded the day before losing the internet so I read and read.

Sunday evening a friend and I went to dinner at a restaurant with wifi and I took the Kindle to download another couple of books since I’d finished with Inspector Gamache.  Got on wifi, picked out books… and nothing would download.   What?   Universe?   Hello?  I can’t even have a book???

Time for a little inner work, clearly, so I meditated and called on my guides to clear up what this was about.  Need for a break from technology — not to hard to figure.  But also losing the laptop is about trusting that it just means something better is coming.

I’d been feeling drawn to use this time for being quiet and integrating the huge amount of shifts and changes I’ve been experiencing and apparently that meant being off line.  Later on Monday the next door neighbor dropped by to see if I needed anything and graciously helped me get on HER wifi.  We’d known one another when I lived here but didn’t really click.  All these years later we spent a lovely evening (had some trouble getting on her wifi) and I felt somehow that connection was another piece of the snafu-laden weekend.

My hosts don’t have a second car and take lots of stuff to these workshops so they have to take the one car.  This house is way more of a hike than I can manage from groceries, restaurants, shopping, etc. and not near public transportation, so the days when I don’t have things booked with friends — who are always lovely about hauling me to Trader Joe’s or wherever if I need it — I’m just up here on the hill alone.

I love to walk around here and the setting of their home is lovely for doing yoga so I enjoy spending some of my time doing both and I relish sitting and staring out at the amazing view.  But then I’m ready for blogging or reading or watching a movie….  Quite a lesson in realizing how dependent upon all these devices I’ve become in order to stay entertained.   And how much I feel the need to be entertained instead of sitting in the quiet and just being.

Anyway, all that’s a long way around saying I didn’t mean to be so absent from posting.  The internet is back on and my hosts have given me the password to get on one of their computers so I’m kind of back.  Don’t know how to upload photos on their Apple so you’ll have to see my Marin shots after I get home.

I’ll probably be a bit sporadic about responding to comments as the computer is in an unheated out-of-house office (i.e. no cold evenings in here) and that not-typing-on-screen-keyboards thing extends to commenting for me 🙂  But I CAN read on the WP app on my other devices so now that I’m back on line I’m trying to catch up on reading all your lovely blogs.


12 thoughts on “Sideways in Marin

  1. Hi Leigh,
    Sounds like there have been many twists and turns during your visit. Don’t know if you take astrology seriously, but we are in a major retrograde cycle, 5 planets in all. Mercury retro is in full swing and it rules, electronics, all communications, neighborhoods, neighbors, and learning of all kinds. Glad you have made some adjustments and have fared rather well.

    peace, Linda

    • I didn’t realize Mercury was retrograde nor some other planets. I’d prefer not to travel during Mercury retrograde (I’m a Virgo so I seem to be especially impacted) but it seems like I often wind up doing trips where I don’t get to choose the time and if I remember to check (almost never 🙂 ) it turns out to be Mercury retrograde falls somewhere in it. Sure fits all this!

      • Actually Merc retro can be a great time to travel, especially if arrangements are made ahead of time and you can relax and chill. It all depends on one’s attitude. 🙂

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  3. I enjoyed reading your post. Is this the Marin that Mill Valley is located in? If it is it is a beautiful though expensive part of the country.

      • Long years ago I lived in Santa Barbara the closest place that God has left to paradise but to live there even then you had to be either newly wed or nearly dead.

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