Healing Update — Wow!

The structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), ...

DNA: tmonomers being put together. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, it’s supposed to be J2P Monday.  But I had another amazing appointment with Hanna on Friday and, even though I managed to sidetrack and finish writing yesterday’s post, I’m too excited to think up a J2P topic instead of writing about this.

Short version of last visit with Hanna:  she felt someone from Roman times trying to help me remember a past life experience in Rome that was still holding on in my head.  She recommended using Rose and Frankincense oils and a selenite pendant while meditating on this.

I got the recommended items and, while wearing all three, meditated.  Found myself a male healer/seer in Roman days, betrayed by a friend (the guide who’s now helping) and killed yet again by a head injury. 😦

There’s been quite a lot of unwinding since then and when it slowed down I booked another appointment with Hanna.  She picked up on yet another lifetime involving torture and my eyes and was able to clear it.  By the end she said it felt like almost everything left was just residual except one piece that’s embedded in my DNA.

She also picked up on the ancestor witch about whom I’ve written many times (for instance, here)and then that, given my many past life issues with being a seer who was tortured, killed or betrayed because of it, this ancestral lineage was the perfect one for me to enter because it tracked with the past life issues about being a seer.  And put the issue deep in my DNA.

She’s recently started doing joint sessions with a fellow healer who, among things, uses a technique for clearing DNA.  She thought one session should be able to clear that one last piece.  Otherwise it’s just however long it takes for these residual knots to finish unwinding!  In other words, not just wishing and hoping it’s almost done.  IT’S ALMOST DONE!  🙂

In the meantime, in the aftermath of the appointment, insane unwinding going on here…

10 thoughts on “Healing Update — Wow!

  1. That’s phenomenal! There must be something about the energies of this time because I’ve been having insane healing lately during my most recent series of hypnotherapy sessions; releasing things going back through every lifetime, back to when I was first created.

  2. This is very exciting! I do know the insane unwinding that goes on. For several days after seeing either of the two healers I’m seeing here in SMA everything feels upended, and the body goes through spasms as it adjusts to the new energy. Looking forward to updates Leigh – after that DNA is cleared you’ll see the world in a whole new way.
    Alison xox

    • Yes, those spasms and adjustments … oh boy. I think I’ll be seeing the world in a new way too — it’s one reason I’ve resisted making plans — I’d rather enter the new view with a clean slate and see what plan that me has 🙂

  3. I am very happy to hear about your progress and am really jazzed about what is next for you Leigh. Your tale of past lives and ancestral patterns is fascinating as are the different modalities you have used to help get you to this point.



      • It HAS been fun, so glad to hear that. I am beginning a heal myself with food quest. Still researching the “contestants”. Do you think all of this stuff is in our contracts? I recall you have accessed the Akashic records.

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