Five Years!

English: Independence Day fireworks, San Diego.

July 4  fireworks, San Diego. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Got the notice yesterday from WordPress informing me I’ve been blogging for FIVE years!  Somehow I’m always mentally subtracting a year or two so each time the number of the anniversary comes as a surprise.

I’ve been connected to some of you for nearly that whole time.  And many of you for a large portion of it.  And I’ve so treasured these friendships and the wisdom you share in your posts and in your comments on mine.

Thanks so much everybody!

16 thoughts on “Five Years!

  1. Happy 5 year Blogiversary Leigh! That is quite a milestone. I have learned so much through reading your unique story and the ripples continue. My life is richer for knowing you and cultivating a friendship over the years. Wishing you unlimited creativity, joy, and peace.


    • Thanks!
      I don’t remember what I did to set notifications (if anything) — which show up both in e-mail and on a list that lights up with orange in the wordpress toolbar — but i have a notion it’s not the same for a self-hosted and possibly something you have to turn on???

      • I get both for comments, likes and follows, but I’ve never had an email for blogging anniversary. I only became aware of the orange button in the past few months. Maybe come September it will show up there.

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