The Inevitable Surrender

I thought these musings about heaven and divinity seemed the perfect gift as I wish you a Sunday of peace

sky rope (subterranean rappel)

cloud arrow bb - March 11, 2016s

author’s note:

The value of a human being can
be measured by what he or
she most deeply wants.
— Rumi (trans. C. Barks)

To that I say: we all seem to deeply want heaven. But how to get there—that’s the problem.


Some believe
in heaven you can smoke
as many cigarettes as you wish
without any harmful side effects

but why would we crave tobacco
or any other pleasure?—
how could this velvety ice cream
match heaven’s relentless love?

The best angels
of Beethoven’s nature
would be but a cicada cacophony
compared to the celestial choir

and the starry brilliance
of Van Gogh
would dim to dull
beside the eternal sun.

No one would pick
cocaine’s kick
over heaven’s constant bliss


after we have risen
up above
we feel overwhelmed
by the perfection:

soon the flood of light
becomes much too much
and in desperation…

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