Progress, Sundays, etc.

Clipart MP900446423 by iCLIPART

Clipart MP900446423 by iCLIPART

After several trying days with the unwinding and resulting sleep issues, the left side of my face is vibrating today with all the blood/energy flow in unaccustomed places.  The only really tight spots left seem to be opening — still a process, but moving at last.

I’m a little fuzzy-headed so have struggled to focus on much writing the last few days…

But I HAVE given some thought to Collective Prayer Sundays and, for the moment, have decided:  I’ll leave the page up on this site but, unless, like today, I happen to post around the right time and thus add a reminder, I won’t specifically be posting reminders on here any more.  I will put a little more attention into the Facebook page.  You can always see the latest posts there on the right side of the page here.

So, hope you find at least 10 minutes for peace.  Every day really…  There’s no such thing as too much Being Peace…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  May love fill and surround you.

Please add your thoughts; love a good discussion!

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