Playlists and fun and peace time…

Liz over at, has been posting playlists for a while now.  As part of my try-new-things writing and playlist listening venture (see post for the first part of the story), I’ve listened to a couple of her lists and one of them (I forgot to note it, so I’m just guessing it was this one)* sparked my own list creation adventure.

I’d not heard of pretty much any of the artists nor the songs, but I found the general style reminding me of a lot of music from the 70’s that fused folk and rock, country and rock, folk and country…  I started hunting around on Spotify and wound up creating my own list.

Part of the fun arose from the fact that, while these were all artists and tunes I liked at the time, most of these fell by the wayside for me as I grew older.  While I still listen often to the old Bonnie Raitt and Carole King recordings, many of these folks I’d not listened to since, say, 1975…

A little bit of not so fun was that some of the lesser known artists –particularly a number of Chicago folks who recorded on small labels — have not had their work switched to CD nor digital formats and so are unavailable on Spotify or, in some cases, at all.  Since much of my old record collection was wiped out in a basement flood about 10 years ago, it’s disheartening to realize my old Chicago faves and a few others won’t be replaced.

Back on the enjoyment front, it was so fun to hear all these tunes I’d just about forgotten.  The list will probably change as I need a few more listens to decide if some material should be pulled off and given a different playlist.  And I might add to it…  But the current version can be found here.  It’s best listened to with “shuffle” as I just made my stream-of-consciousness way from one group or artist to another, sometimes prompted by Spotify’s suggestion of similar artists and sometimes sparked by one artist to think of another; I stuck them on the list as I found them.

Liz, btw, very kindly types up a list of songs and artists and puts it in her posts along with the link to the Spotify list.  I’m way too lazy.  If there’s a way to copy and paste the list from Spotify, I have yet to crack the code.  And I’m too lazy to figure it out 🙂

Two pieces I really wanted to have on the list and couldn’t find on Spotify were from the late Mimi Farina (with Tom Jans) and the original (pre Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham) Fleetwood Mac, whose album, Bare Trees, has long been a favorite, with Sentimental Lady high on my list of all-time favorite songs.

This little writing and listening practice has had a wonderful side effect.  I’m so energized when I finish that I’ve been doing yoga or riding my exercise bike afterward and then I feel drawn to do the Ego Eradicator and sing chants.  It winds up being an hour to an hour-and-a-half of renewal/me time and I can’t express how much it’s doing for me.  And if on any day I’d told myself I had to start spending that much time at once it never would have happened.  All arose because I was willing to spend 15 minutes writing and listening to music…

In the meantime, it’s Sunday — don’t forget to find some time to BE PEACE.

*Not sure that anyone listening to her list will see how I got from it to mine — I think it might be one of those you have to be in my head things 🙂

4 thoughts on “Playlists and fun and peace time…

  1. I love the Bob Welch classic and have not heard it for a good while. It is a very enchanting trippy romantic song that reminds me of my youth 🙂

    I have never had a playlist and rarely listen to music online ( except pandora or youtube) , but you got me curious. So I will check out the playlist. You are really opening up and it is wonderful to witness.

    hugs and peace,

    • Yes, Sentimental Lady is all that. I’ve kind of fallen in love with playlists though Spotify is kind of annoying if you’re stuck (as I am) on the free version. But I use Amazon’s player and Google to upload large portions of music and create lists which then let me put music on that lasts for hours without having to hear ads or get up and change or do anything. I’ll be interested to hear what you think.

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