J2P Monday: semi-break

Bright sun

Since I started the series of ruminations on health and environment, I’ve struggled a bit.  This is one of a growing number of arenas in which I have a very strong “knowing” and a lot of feeling tones about connections but I don’t have words for the feelings.  It’s been hard to write these posts and when I started trying to write one for today, it just wouldn’t come together.

A couple of questions that kept drifting through my mind:

For those who would never think of littering the ground or dumping toxins into a river, are you just as careful about what you put in your body?

For those who fight to preserve wilderness, save streams, clean the air, etc., do you fight as hard for yourself?  for your body?  for your eternal spirit?

Do you want to save yourself as much as you want to save the world?

3 thoughts on “J2P Monday: semi-break

  1. I love the questions you raised here Leigh. I am sorry to hear of your struggle to compose this series, but as always appreciate your honesty. You brilliantly echo the theme that it is all the same deal, yet so many either do not see that and/or see it and don’t apply it in daily living.

  2. Yes. My concern is for my, my soul, my body, my environment, my loved ones. I am careful about what I eat and drink. I want to save it all. Sigh. I don’t think that is so healthy, either.

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