Another healing highpoint


You may recall last spring I had a series of CranioSacral appointments that led Robyn to refer me to an amazing, transformative healing session with Osunnike.  So much shifted, I’ve felt like the healing has been unfolding ever since.  Those appointments drained a small fund I’d put aside for some body work and it’s taken a while to collect some more.

After concentrating solely on getting work for my head and the issues in those muscles last time, I felt that this time I could use a more overall approach.  I got back in touch with Hanna, the excellent massage/body patterning therapist I used to trade with (my movement classes for her body work) and had my first appointment in ages on Monday.

The Session

Several things I love about Hanna’s work:  (1) she’s incredibly intuitive and always has the Akashic Records open while she’s working so she picks up on amazing information; (2) she’s highly trained in more than one modality and and uses that great intuition to feel which ones you need on a given day; (3) her technique is excellent so when she carries out the intuitively-divined plan, the results are great.

She started just working on some of the stuff that’s stiffened up in my body in the absence of body work and given my reduced yoga/exercise habit in the last couple of years.  As she got ready to work on my head, I suddenly got a whiff of something like an essential oil.  As the muscles around my third eye have been loosening, I’ve been experiencing moments of smelling things that aren’t there so I checked in about whether she’d just gotten out some oils.  No.

She tuned in and found a guide present who was someone close to me in a life in Roman times and with whom there’d been some connection about healing and using oils and herbs, etc.  The guide was sending a scent to help remind me of something from that time that is still holding on in my head and preventing the final opening.  I’ve run into glimpses of a life as a healer at that time in past life regressions, so it felt spot on.

At the end she got the information that I should mix frankincense and rose essential oils and use the mixture while meditating on the Roman lifetime in order to release it.  Also that I should start wearing a selenite pendant to help keep clear of some ancestral stuff that keeps cropping up because of living with my mother; it also clears energy blocks, so it seems like a powerful resource at this time.

I’ve ordered the pendant and oils and am excited.  Years ago another CranioSacral therapist put an aromatherapy mixture on me that had rose in it and I felt my entire energy flow change direction in an instant so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!

The Aftermath… so far…

Initially I was exhausted.  Then on Tuesday, those few remaining, intertwined muscles in my eyes and jaw began unwinding, pulling against one another, jerking my face around, etc.  I could tell it was opening some spots that have been stubbornly resistant.  After a lovely week of sleeping regularly, the yanking muscles kept going most of the night, so back to sleep deprivation.

I can feel something big shifting in my energy.  Without the oils and pendant to use, I’ve been using my favorite, slightly longer, version of ho’oponopono*–one that’s good for breaking aka (energy) cords) — to detach from the Roman life.  I feel like it’s having an impact and am hopeful and excited about using the oils and the pendant.  Sometimes I find a new practice or exercise opens a door my tried and true practices aren’t breaching.

Synchronistically, as I’m back working a bit on ancestral stuff, Finding Your Roots this week focused on people from Ireland, one of whom had a Scottish connection.  I long thought my mother’s family came from Ireland but recently discovered that though they emigrated here from Ireland, they were actually Scottish; my ancestors were among the Scots who accepted land in Ireland from England in an attempt to squelch the Irish Catholics.  As far as I can tell my clan were staunch fundamentalist Presbyterians.  The type who break off and form a new church every time they don’t like the way some rule is being followed… (Funny how one of my greatest intolerances is for people like that 🙂 ).  Unlikely they were hanging out much with the Irish…

Anyway, that left my mind meandering on those Scots and then on their odd method of passing land:  the youngest son stayed home and took care of the parents while the land was parceled off to each of the other sons as they married.  Then the youngest got the parents’ place.  This, of course, eventually divides the land into pieces so small they’re not much value, which leads to offspring heading off in search of more land.  I’ve seen on an extended family tree how various members of the family moved in waves across the country after they’d divided all the land in eastern Tennessee and there was no more to acquire.

Since I’ve been dealing so much the last couple of years with the ancestral element to all my health issues, I’ve tended to be a little mad at them.  So my first thought about the waves of distant cousins fanning across the country was: they’re the ones who ruined the land and destroyed Native culture, etc.  Grrr….

But then I thought about what a huge deal it was to cross the ocean and come here in the mid-eighteenth century.  How they  went from poor peasants to land owners.  How they fearlessly  kept heading off into the unknown and starting new lives.  How strong and courageous they must have been.  Then I realized tearfully that I can thank them for the tenacity that’s kept me going through this long process of healing.  Because their legacy to me is not only the poverty consciousness and tension and negativity, but also courage and  strength and fierceness.  Something felt healed and I can imagine being able to feel honor for my ancestors for the first time.

During the appointment I mentioned how tough this journey has been and how 10 years (the unwinding muscle portion) seems like a long time.  She laughed and said it wasn’t very long when you consider I’m healing a couple thousand years worth of issues.  Good thing I have that tenacious gene!

Way back last spring Osunnike thought we’d cleared all but a few pieces of the ancestral and past life stuff affecting my head.  I’ve felt like some more cleared in the intervening time.  So I’m holding the thought that this Roman connection is the final piece to clear. And yes, I know it won’t be a final piece that means no more clearing.  But the final piece in this particular healing journey, restoring the muscles in my face and head to healthy balance.

* “Divine creator, father, mother, son as one, I, (your name), wish to do ho’oponopono between myself and ______ (name of person, issue or thing you wish to disconnect from). Cleanse, sever, cut, release and transmute to the path of pure light. [Say this next part loudly and forcefully] HA MAHIKI. We are set free and it is done.”

7 thoughts on “Another healing highpoint

    • Thanks so much for that — since the change is still mainly energetic (not showing up as much change in life), it’s especially nice to hear a confirmation from someone who reads energy that so much has changed.

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