Sideways break… I kind of liked it

Levitating, Meditating, Flute-playing Gnu

Levitating, Meditating, Flute-playing Gnu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My break didn’t go quite as planned.  The first day or two I did relax, exercise, meditate, reflect on the future…  Then the unwinding started again.  Big time.  Somehow when I can’t sleep and my face is yanking around for hours at a time I find it pretty much impossible to meditate and any sort of schedule goes out the window.


At one point I described the muscles behind my eyes as feeling as if they were rooted through the earth and wrapped around a mountain in China and it was a toss up whether the roots would release and let my eyes go or the muscles were going to pull a mountain on to my head….  OK, yes, it’s a little dramatic 🙂 but it was the best I could do to try to describe how it felt.

As of last night the muscles that would not budge finally started unwinding — yea, apparently no mountain-on-head scenario to ensue…  They’re so tight I don’t have a clue how much longer but I’m ecstatic to feel them opening at last.

I did manage, in my one good meditation, to have a good session with my council of guides who assured me the visions and ideas I’ve been putting together about the future are where I’m going but now is not the time to worry about how to get there.  This process has to be completed first.  The lesson in patience goes on … at the moment I’m not learning it very well…


Even though I didn’t get to spend the week quite as planned, I did keep up with my blogging break.  Not only did I not write posts, but I cut way back on how much time I spent on reading blogs.  And I really enjoyed it.

I realized I have some decisions to make about how much time I want to be putting into this.  The easiest decision is to cut back on reading blogs.  I’ve politely followed far too many.  I never do read everything, but generally I really try to get around to most of them.

This last week I only read my favorites, generally also the ones written by people with whom I interact quite often.  The people I love and would miss.  I realized, though, that my reader is filled with blogs I don’t have a big interest in, written by people who never interact with me.

I loved not only spending much less time by reading only my favorites but also that those deep, thoughtful posts I love had more impact when not surrounded by reading tons of other stuff.  So I’m going to be paring down my subscriptions and becoming choosier about what I read on a daily basis.

I also realized I tend to go in cycles of having lots of ideas and having posts writing themselves in my head and spells when I don’t.  So in the fertile moments I also plan to work on drafting but not necessarily publishing right away and maybe scheduling posts just for certain days.  I know a few of my blogging buddies post only Monday-Friday so I’m also considering choosing a couple of specific days to take off.

In other words, during the next few weeks I’m going to be experimenting.

And when my eyes quit yanking and I get some sleep I may go back to the plan of less blogging, more meditating and exercise for a spell…

10 thoughts on “Sideways break… I kind of liked it

  1. I appreciate your candor here, especially the part about following many blogs where there is little interaction between you and the blogger. Sometimes I want to do nothing but live here at WordPress, while other times I remind myself that living an interesting life makes me a better writer and a more balanced person.

    I am so un- routinized with my process. I rarely schedule anything. Once the draft is finished I want to release it into the world. Let’s just call me undisciplined.

    Blessings on the unwinding of your muscles and congrats on the meeting with your council and all the plans you are developing. I am on your side. 🙂

    much love, LInda

    • Yes, I find a lot of people spend some time “courting” and when I finally follow because they’re interacting so often –even though I’m not that excited about the blog, they disappear. I’m a little too slow to un-subscribe apparently.
      I’ve generally posted right away but lately when I’ve had two or three ideas at once, I’ve written them and schedule a couple ahead. I kind of like that it gives me a chance to sit with it, to proof again, do some editing. And now I’m thinking it could help on a cutting back plan, if I space out the scheduling any time I write a few at once.
      Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I hope the muscles release in due time. The process sounds pretty nasty. I chose to develop patience by having 4 kids! Apparently I needed lots of help with that. As for blogging, I am also slowing down and re-evaluating. I love reading other blogs, but I can’t visit every one every day. No matter how many someone publishes, I probably won’t read more than once a week. So it’s perfect for people who ponder long and write every week or two. Not so much for the prolific buggers who publish three a day.😉 I hope to see you continue here, but only you know what is right for you.

    • The process HAS been nasty and yet also kind of exciting and interesting…
      Oh my four children would certainly test my patience.
      Yes, I like the folks who don’t post every day. And the ones who post many times a day drive me a little nuts — rarely read any of it.
      I don’t really have a plan to stop, just feeling a need to spend less time at it.

  3. Sometimes I read everyone’s posts, sometimes I only read a few, sometimes I get so much from reading other people’s posts I wonder how I could ever think of not reading them, and then sometimes I need a break. I think I’m finally learning to trust the cycles. I’m sure it’s the same with people reading my blog. Everyone needs a break now and then. And I simply can’t imagine posting every day nor have ever understood why one should. Have a lovely long break Leigh. Follow your intuition. Peace, love and hugs,

    • Me too on the daily post. My commitment started out as twice a week. It’s become something more because of having three blogs. And I’ve found when I have several ideas popping at once I just post, post, post. That’s where I figure I could use scheduling to make those posts stretch over more time. It’ll be interesting to try some different possibilities and see what feels good.

  4. Leigh,

    Have to say, I have probably gone to the extreme of not reading or writing blogs for too long in the last year, and I’m thinking about how to get back into writing and reading blogs in 2016.

    I’m pretty much going to do what you’re doing, and limit who I read and in my case have a plan for writing in a way that supports my overall writing goals.

    I look forward to reading whatever you choose to write going forward. I enjoy reading about your healing journey and your spiritual insights.

    Have a beautiful holiday season, and hope to be a more attentive reader of your blog in the new year.

    Blessings to you,


    • Yes, I’ve noticed you’ve not been writing very much. I’ll look forward to seeing posts in the New Year!
      Thanks so much for the kind thoughts about my blog and the good wishes. Hope you and your Mom and the boys have a lovely holiday! Hugs, Leigh

  5. What great insights you had about blogging, both about reading and writing. I try very hard to clean out my blog reader every few months, realizing that I just skip through many blogs. So, if I am not taking the time to read, then I stop following that blog. It is a freeing thing to do. I look forward to following you as you experiment and discover how you want to express yourself in the future. Much love and rest and peace to you, dear. xo

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