Happy Peaceful Sunday

Rolling up on time to set aside at least 10 minutes to pray or chant or meditate for peace.  For more info on Collective Prayer Sundays check the page.

I’ve been finding daily peace lately with Deepak and Oprah’s latest 21 day meditations.  I’m several days behind so still looking forward to the final few.  When I can find time to sing some chants as well, that’s still my fave.

Whatever form of finding peace you choose, have a happy Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Happy Peaceful Sunday

  1. I have only caught about 3 or so on this Deepak Oprah series. I love the theme, but lately have been too wiped out to meditate. But a few are better than none, and a new series will pop up soon. Is it really Sunday already? November is wrapping up soon, bet you are glad about the month of daily blogging winding down. Had a great discussion today with friends about peace and the media and love in the face of violence. You would have dug it Leigh ❤

    • Yes, I appreciate how often they’re running these meditation series. This one and the last just seemed especially pertinent for me so I really wanted to do it.
      Yes, I’m already starting to flag on this daily post thing so I’ll DEElighted when it’s over.
      That peace chat sounds great — I WOULD have dug it!

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