Extra thoughts for peace

cloud for bluegrass blogWhen I heard the news about Paris last night I wondered if I should change the publish date on the post I’d scheduled and write something about the attacks instead.  But I felt like I wanted to sit with it for a bit.  So I posted this on Facebook:

I’m looking at all the prayers and tributes and outpourings of love for Paris and wondering if the terrorists realize how much peace and love they unleash every time they strike… I think our love is bigger than their hate.

and delayed writing a post about it.

The overwhelming sense of love and unity I’ve seen arise after so many of these terrible events is where I put my main focus.  I don’t choose to let them put me in fear or upset and I try not to focus on the news feed that constantly invites me to be upset and afraid.  I choose to see that most of the world focuses on love and compassion.

I’m also asking myself why we don’t pour the same love and compassion forth when U.S. bombers kill a few hundred innocent civilians.  Or, as many have pointed out, why the news of the bombing in Beirut failed to garner similarly supportive comments on social media.

My feeling of love and peace contains all living beings.  All humans of every color, nation, religious affiliation, etc.  Our fellow living creatures of the animal world.  Life.  Precious life.

Since I mostly stay away from the news, I can’t claim that I’ll be leading a movement to post words of support because I’m generally way behind the curve on finding out things have happened.  But I send Reiki to victims and survivors every time I hear.

I’ll join the social media spreading of support and love… as soon as I find out.  I hope a movement starts wherein the world is moved by every act of violence so we may focus love and compassion for all humanity.  That we spread the message of love whether the media is hopping up and down about it or not…

In the meantime I’ve got some prayers to say to heal whatever in me sees selective compassion instead of universal compassion…  And whatever in me believes the media only cares about white victims…

Don’t forget to take some time to pray for peace.  Check out the Collective Prayer Sundays page for info.

6 thoughts on “Extra thoughts for peace

  1. I do the same as you – focus on the outpouring of love and compassion. I’ve not looked at one news item about what happened in Beirut or Paris, and don’t intend to. What for? There’s some insanity out there. Unfortunately it gets a lot of airtime, but I believe in the balance. For all the ‘bad’ that exists there is inevitably an equal amount of ‘good’. It doesn’t get as much air play but it’s there and I focus on that.
    Much love, Alison

  2. So well said… There are many more out there sending peaceful and compassionate thoughts than there are of hatred… And by standing in unity in harmony we help extinguish the dark with our light..

    Wonderful Post
    Sue ❤

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