Adding feng shui into the mix

English: Feng Shui crystal

English: Feng Shui crystal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the upside/downside aspects of having lots of teachers and learning lots of techniques and practices is that I tend to throw more than one thing at any problem.  The upside is sometimes it takes coming at an issue from more than one direction to resolve it.  The downside is I muddle it up so it’s not always clear what accomplished which…

Still, in the midst of examining my issues with my neighbors (see last post) I remembered that the last time we were having trouble with them, I used a feng shui technique to shift the energy.  Several friends had used this to good effect, so I placed mirrors in each of the three windows in our house that look onto their house/property.  You place the mirrors facing outward (toward them) so any energy they send toward you is sent right back to them.

For some years after I placed the mirrors we had no incidents — though clearly I remained furious on some level about the ones we’d already been through.  When summer arrived, I had to take down the one in my room so I could open the window without having to move the mirror every time.  A while back I realized that somewhere along the way someone (cleaning crew and lots of workmen in and out, so anybody’s guess…) had removed the other two.

And now the trouble has started again.  So yesterday I re-placed a mirror in one of those windows, facing directly toward their house.  Within hours I felt the weight of their energy lifted from me.  I like the way this technique reminds me their energy is theirs and I don’t have to accept it.  Saying the prayers has probably been helping to reduce my anger, but I also think a lot of the anger I felt was me taking on theirs.  As soon as I deflected theirs back to them, I quit being so furious.

Now, at the same time, I want to do the ho’oponopono prayers because I can see how I’ve created this by things I believe.  So at the least I want to heal my side of it.  I have to remind myself, though, that even though Hew Len’s prayers and healing of himself healed all the inmates on the ward as well (see post for more info), I need to approach this from a standpoint of healing myself without investment in how it affects others.  I can’t say the prayers because I want someone else to change.  I say them to change the world I have created.

My neighbors may choose to allow the healing in (as the inmates obviously did), but these stories sometimes end with the people involved just leaving your orbit.  Years ago, in a bad roommate situation, I began repeating affirmations about healing my ability to be a good roommate and have a good situation.

My roommate chose to escalate her bad behavior.  The more I worked on healing, the worse she became until I couldn’t take it any more.  Some friends had turned part of their house into an apartment and it happened the tenant had just moved out so I took the new place.  Even though we each technically had our own spaces, my friends and I hung out happily all the time and after a while I realized I DID heal my roommate situation — by moving to a place with good roommates.  The one I had before didn’t choose to heal or be nice so she resisted changing and my prayers changed MY world.

With my mirror, I’m rejecting the ill will of my neighbors.  With my healing prayers, I’m ready to heal anything in me that has drawn this unhappy situation with them.  Whether that means one of us will move or they will become nice or some other outcome will resolve it, I’m ready to heal me.  What they’re ready for is up to them.

12 thoughts on “Adding feng shui into the mix

  1. I like that you do not give up on healing and find different techniques to assist you. I had not heard of this one before, I sometimes wonder if when we experience negativity if it is also a sign of heightened sensitivity and an indication that our vibration is rising?

    Glad you are feeling less furious. Funny, Matt Kahn just released a new video and he kept referring to feeling not angry or agitated or enraged, but furious! 😉

    • There might be a couple of things there. Those of us who are sensitive can be more affected by others’ energy — I know I have to be careful and I used to periodically put a shield around me to make sure whatever I felt was just mine. But I also think when someone raises energy those who don’t want to move resist. I’ve run into it a number of times personally and I see it happening in the world — lots of heels dragging and bad behaviors showing up as the vibration of the world is moving up. At least that’s how I’ve been seeing it….

      • But I also think when someone raises energy those who don’t want to move resist. I’ve run into it a number of times personally and I see it happening in the world

        Yes, I do agree. In fact, I have noticed that I continue to mellow and have become less angry than I once was. I have noticed more drama around me as I have let go of so much of my own stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I still judge and sometimes get triggered, but as I change, there is still more noise, indifference, and thoughtless behavior around me ( especially new neighbors.) I think it is a sign that we are coming closer to an imaginary line in the proverbial sand, where the clash will eventually lead us to peace. The questions are how and when??

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