J2P Monday: Another look at Energy and Power

Abraham Hicks Energy Stream

I thought I’d take a break from issuing challenges and re-introduce some thoughts about how different kinds of energy impact the world.  I’ve long felt these principles back my belief that every person who raises consciousness, moves to a higher vibration, and/or becomes more loving and compassionate impacts the world and the possibility of change.

My beliefs about these impacts come from two main sources (although I’ve encountered lots of info that supports these two):  (1) Paul Ray’s Cultural Creatives (Harmony House, 2000) and (2) David Hawkins’ Power vs. Force (Hay House, 1995).

Ray’s study posits a growing group he calls Cultural Creatives who tend to be educated, spiritual, concerned about the environment, etc.  When such a group reaches a “critical mass”, a paradigm shift follows in which a nation or the world moves into a new pattern.  The study (now some years ago) indicated the cultural creatives are moving toward that point of critical mass.

While his study was from a sociological research perspective, it also made sense to me because such a group is shifting energetically.  I think it’s the energetic change that powers the shift in paradigm.

In Power vs. Force, Hawkins studied energy and developed a way of determining individual levels of vibration.  Using kinesiology, Hawkins conducted a huge study in which he discerned that people have different vibrational/energy levels depending on their overall state of development on a scale moving from shame to enlightenment.  He also studied the impact of higher vibrating people on those lower on the energy scale.

I suspect as science becomes more able to study such things there will be refinements but I believe to my core his finding that there is far more power in the higher levels where joy, love , peace and compassion lie than at the lower levels.  According to Hawkins, one person with an energy of 400 (reason) counterbalances 400,000 individuals with energy below 200, one person at level 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals who are below 200.  [This is a very abbreviated version of his work that emphasizes what excites me about it…]

I get really excited about these concepts because they tell me it doesn’t take a majority to change the world, it takes a minority who are all raising consciousness and hence their energy vibrations to a high enough level to influence tens or hundreds of thousands of others.  Each time one of us lets go of anger or learns more compassion or achieves a more open and loving heart, it moves us closer to that paradigm shift when the world moves into peace.

6 thoughts on “J2P Monday: Another look at Energy and Power

  1. Thanks for an uplifting post after quite a disappointing day. I am working on being kind even when life seems unfair and I feel helpless. I have heard of cultural creatives years ago and wondered what became of this work. I know that I get lifted in the company of those who vibrate higher. I cannot quantify it, but I know it. During my brief hospital stay I was around a diverse group of people, mostly strangers and the occasional soul displayed such bright energy to contrast with the others. Your excitement does light a spark. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • So sorry to hear you had a disappointing day. Yes, those days are when it’s hard to stay kind… But as you note, the ones who hold that “higher” space sure make everyone around them feel better.
      And thanks!

  2. Oh, how I am inspired and hopeful that this shift will come about. But, inside, I know that there is awareness and consciousness that is growing and that we are on our way. 🙂

  3. Loved Power vs. Force! I think he has another book – Transcending the Levels of Consciousness (?). I have yet to read that one but it’s on my list. Thank you for reminding me about Hawkins’ work…I’m also curious to check out Cultural Creatives. 🙂 Aleya

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