J2P: The Oneness and Energy

Even though it’s not Monday, I wanted to give some background to consider in the challenges I’ve started (see Monday’s post for the first) posting.  I’ve mentioned these ideas at scattered times in the past but not for a while. They’re important to understanding why I believe that healing within yourself helps to heal the world.


Oneness (Carlos Santana album)

Oneness (Carlos Santana album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“We’re all one.”  It’s practically a mantra in the New Age/Spirituality movement but it’s hard to really comprehend.  We’re so tied to the image of ourselves as meat suits who end at the skin and are separate from one another.  The oneness arises, though, because we are so much more than the physical bodies with which we identify.

We’re really one.  Each and every one of us as integrally part of the whole as a twig or branch is part of the tree.  Just as interconnected as the roots of the trees in the forest communicating with and aiding one another.  It isn’t just a sentimental vision about everyone in a circle holding hands, it’s the essential truth of who we are, one complete whole.

Matthew 25:40 says, “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!”  I believe that’s an acknowledgement of that oneness.  Whatever we do affects the whole.


Everything is made of energy and the All That Is is the totality of all the energy in the universe.  Every one of us is made of energy which flows far beyond the skin that provides the illusion of a boundary.  Every person has a specific energy vibration that’s tuned by the state of physical health, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health within.

This vibration is part of the whole, your individual contribution to oneness.  All of those individual energy fields are in constant contact, signaling and communicating like those tree roots and all creating the oneness.  Every time anyone heals, it contributes to healing the whole.

When more people in the oneness are vibrating with the energy of anger, hatred, and violence than the number who are vibrating with love, compassion and peace, the world reflects the anger, hatred and violence more than the love and peace.  When enough people heal the anger and hatred within, the world will shift.

See The Energy of It All for more thoughts on energy.


Our shared illusion assumes duality; an us and a them, right things and wrong things.  When you look outward and see problems, issues, and wrongdoers, you are projecting something within you.

This is why Hew Len spends his days healing himself with the prayer, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.”  Anything he doesn’t like, anything that seems to be “wrong”, he heals that thing within himself.  Praying for healing all day.

Sometimes this is discussed as “mirroring”.  What you see reflects you.  What you see is what you’re projecting.  Crime, war, terrorism, slavery,  hunger…  if you see it, you can heal whatever it is within you that leads you to see those things.  When enough people heal the issues from which hatred and greed arise, the issues will fade. There won’t be a reason to see that reflection any more.

It isn’t about pointing fingers and finding who to blame for not healing enough.  If you’re pointing a finger and seeing an “other” who isn’t healing enough or doing it “right”, you haven’t healed enough.  Say the prayer.


Scheme of social structures involved in occure...

Scheme of social structures involved in occurence of collective consciousness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Collective consciousness is a consciousness that arises whenever a large group of people share a view of the world.  People within nations have it.  People within specific religions have it.  People who hear the same news have it.  People within social classes have it.

They may have overlapping sets of views and beliefs and differ in others. For instance, rich people (social class) in France (nationality) might have similar world views or people who are Irish (nation) and Catholic (religion) might share certain beliefs about the world.  Some of these belief systems are ingrained from birth.  They’re still just beliefs.  The ones we hold without even noting them are the toughest to release and are often major stumbling blocks to healing.

The news media like to focus on crime, violence, anger, trauma and drama.  Because huge portions of the populace are familiar with these stories, there’s a tendency to believe the world is ruled by anger and violence.  It’s a skewed view.  If you refuse to buy in to that viewpoint and instead search for stories about the good in the world, you’ll discover good people everywhere.

If you find yourself trapped in the prevalent point of view, you can heal all you’re seeing as wrong in yourself.  Say the prayer.  Do Reiki on yourself.  Release your anger and your fear.  Choose some other form of healing.  Just because “everyone” believes something, you don’t have to.  Choose to heal and see a different world.


The challenges I’m going to roll out periodically are designed to get everyone to think about the beliefs many of us share about “problems” and “issues” in the world and to invite more and more people to take part in the healing process.  To explore what might be in each of us that results in these worries.

14 thoughts on “J2P: The Oneness and Energy

  1. This is such an excellent post and really important to me on my current leg of my healing marathon towards wholeness. Your ideas have helped shape some of my time machine challenge post. Timing IS everything 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:
    You may have noticed I have been doing lots of re-blogging lately. But here’s the thing ( gotta love this phrase) : If I discover material that is either better crafted than anything I can attempt and/or is such a perfect fit for my blog’s mission, it will be re-blogged. Leigh’s explanation of unity consciousness is beautiful and supports my journey. so enjoy….

  3. Wonderfully inspiring and Oneness is something I teach and its added to many of my own posts, even to the bottom of my own Time challenge yet to come..
    Loved your wisdom here.. and yes. we are what we think, and what we think we create.. and our thoughts and actions affect the whole.. don’t get me started upon the Universal Laws 🙂 lol..

    Loved it.. .. Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx

  4. “Every time anyone heals, it contributes to healing the whole.” For me, understanding this was huge. It gave me permission and almost a sense of duty (almost) to work on myself and not feel selfish about it. I’ve seen the ripple effect in my own family as I’ve done my healing work (never mind the peace in my heart). I love this post because with each section, they resonate with how I’ve learned to see things. Nice to find one of my peeps.

    • Yes, I think the self work is crucial. Not that I don’t think volunteering, etc. is great, but I feel it matters who you are when you do it — the more you’ve healed first or at least simultaneously, the better you can be at helping others…

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