J2P Monday: Heal the Refugee “Problem”

A camp in Guinea for refugees from Sierra Leone.

A camp in Guinea for refugees from Sierra Leone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I posted a while back about my belief that we need to stop beating the drums of problems.  Then I wrote about Hew Len and his use of the ho’oponopono prayer to heal within himself anything he sees as a problem in the world, anyone he sees as in dis-ease.  Since then I’ve been working on an idea to address a series of  “problems” in the world that are constantly discussed.

Since Syrian refugees have been so much in the news, along with refugees from Africa and elsewhere who are stranded in camps, escaping in boats, flooding into countries seemingly ill-equipped to handle in the influx, I thought I’d begin here.

It doesn’t really matter which you side you’re on in viewing it as a problem:  (1) something must be done to help these people, or (2) something must be done to stop the flow of refugees into other countries.  If you see a problem, there’s something to heal in you.

Since I’m into using ho’oponopono I’m suggesting that as one possible way to heal, but if you have another technique, use whatever works.  It’s the healing that matters.  The two shorter versions of ho’oponopono are:

  1. I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you
  2. Divine Creator, Mother, Father, Son as one, I wish to do ho’oponopono between myself and ____ (name the issue, problem, person…).  Cleanse, sever, cut, release, transmute and return to the path of pure light.  HA!  MAHIKI!  We are set free and it is done!

There’s a much longer version reproduced on the post mentioned above.   Or you may have a Reiki technique or a prayer or meditation.

In ho’oponopono you don’t necessarily have to consciously name the problem in you that causes you to see the problem in the world. But if you like to explore, here are some questions you might consider:

  1. When you hear about refugees, does it induce fear?  Fear of what?  That it could be you? That the world is uncertain?  That you might lose your home?
  2. When it comes to refugees, do you feel angry?  Are you afraid they’ll take your job?  Do you think there are scarce resources and shifting populations will somehow reduce availability of them?  Are you angry that someone else out there isn’t fixing the problem?
  3. Is there something in you that’s abandoned or lost?

Whether it’s these or some other issues in you, when you heal the problem in you, you contribute to the solution or the elimination of the problem.

So this week my challenge to you is to heal in yourself everything that relates to refugees.  Every time you hear or think about refugees, say the prayer — or do whatever healing practice you’ve chosen.  Just keep healing.

9 thoughts on “J2P Monday: Heal the Refugee “Problem”

  1. This is a novel idea and quite empowering. When I see the images of refugees ( I limit my news exposure) I keep returning to, why do we allow history to keep repeating itself? Suppose there is a kernel or more in here for me 🙂

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