Peace time and more

Here in the eastern time zone of the U.S. it’s getting close to Sunday–time to set aside 10 minutes minimum for chanting, praying, meditating for peace.  Or maybe releasing something that blocks you from being peace.  See the CPS page for more info.

Flint Institute of the Arts

Flint Institute of the Arts

On my Scribblings from the Bluegrass blog I’ve put up the first of what will be a few posts about this year’s trip to my home town, Flint, MI.  Less oriented toward spirituality and more toward personal story than what I generally post here, just FYI.

And a little update on those crazy, unwinding muscles:  been on a bit of a ride again, very exhausting and occasionally painful, but SO exciting, as the core muscles that have been intertwined and pulling my left eye, cheek and jaw into one another are finally opening.  They’re so tight I can’t tell how long this might take; but day by day I learn more about how it feels to have a face that’s relaxed and serene instead of clenched and drawn.  And I love it!

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