J2P Monday: spinning chakras

I haven’t meant to ignore J2P Monday for so long.  Combo of life getting in the way and the fact that I’m working on an idea for an ongoing (sporadic) series of challenges that are proving a bit complex to work out.  In the meantime I thought I’d give you this little practice idea for helping with balance.

Some years back an acquaintance of mine who channels healing energy received a message to give me free sessions and I gratefully accepted.  One day she commented on a block in my second chakra and gave me a simple exercise to do, involving spinning the chakras.

I’ve done it more or less regularly ever since.  When my mind is clear enough upon waking to remember, I generally do it every morning first thing.  I like the way it starts the day with a sense of balance.  And, since energy flows where attention goes, attention placed on all the major chakras (I include the thymus and transpersonal) brings energy to all the major energy centers and gives me a little boost.


The Exercise

For this exercise, you just close your eyes and, beginning with the root chakra (the red one on the bottom), you imagine the chakra spinning.  Direction doesn’t matter, just picture the round sphere of energy spinning.  I usually spin 6-8 times at each level.  Move up one level at a time.  The thymus chakra is in between heart and throat, a little below the clavicle; aim for halfway between heart and throat chakras and you’ll be good.  The transpersonal is about a foot above your head.  That’s it.  Just close your eyes and, one at a time, from bottom to top, imagine each chakra spinning.

Relation to Yoga

Balancing the chakras is the central point of hatha yoga. Although that point seems to often be lost in the interest of combining sweating and aerobics with yoga, a good yoga practice is designed to balance the chakras.  Hatha refers to the sun (ha) and moon (tha) channels which run in intertwining pathways down the chakras, creating the round sphere-like circles of energy we see depicted as chakras.  Yoga means yoke, or balance.  So you’re balancing those two channels and at the same time the major chakras.

My yoga teacher always organized our classes so we began with root chakra postures and worked our way up until we had done at least one posture –sometimes several–at each level.  The postures help to open the flow of energy in each of those levels and when you open it in all of the major centers, it helps restore balance

Thanks to his influence, wonderful classes and great teaching, every class I teach is designed to cover all seven of the major chakras.  Even when I teach the movements from Robert Masters with yoga, trying to match postures with areas opened by the triggers of release, I aim for the selection to cover all seven.

I often have students who don’t want to hear about chakras or energy (so I avoid that language) who smile beatifically at the end of class and exclaim over how good they always feel.  Though the stretching and postures feel good in themselves, I just smile and feel glad my class covered the chakras, because I know the extra feel-good in those smiles arises because they’re in better balance.

How It Relates to Peace

The body is so integrally connected to spirit and mind, I don’t think you can be truly at peace without adding your body into the equation.  Being in balance is just as important physically as mentally or spiritually.

I’ve been realizing that this aspect of my journey needs to be the subject of some of my writing and I’ll be launching a series of posts –not as part of J2P Monday– that will show up randomly (since I’m not that great with posting on required days 🙂 ) to discuss this mind-body-spirit connection, what I’ve learned about Western medicine and healing, alternative medicine and healing and taking charge of your own healing process as part of your spiritual journey.

In the meantime, this little practice is a quick and easy way to restore some balance, which will, I promise you, help you along on your Journey2Peace.

One thought on “J2P Monday: spinning chakras

  1. Balancing my chakras is always a powerful, inspiring exercise for me. I always feel so empowered after imagining all of the spinning and uncurling of each spot. xoxo

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