It’s Not Mindfulness Without Kindness – By Shamash Alidina

If this were Monday I’d reblog this as a Journey2Peace Monday post. Lovely exploration of the importance of remembering to be compassionate as well as mindful. I love the newly coined word “kindfulness”!

Kindness Blog

Here’s one thing that might be missing from your definition of mindfulness.

The term mindfulness has been mentioned everywhere from front cover TIME Magazine to speeches at the United Nations. But some people are asking…what’s next?

Earlier this year I attended a talk by my favourite monk, Ajahn Brahm. He was speaking at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California—a cool place for a mindfulnessforest monk to hang out. Brahm expressed the problem of separating mindfulness and compassion—they work far better together.

Mindfulness on it’s own is simply a present moment non-judgmental awareness, as researchers say. But to develop the beautiful peace, gentleness, and stillness of meditation, a kindly awareness is required.

So Brahm developed a new term—kindfulness. And I like it!

Mindfulness and kindness are the two wings to help you soar to the dizzy heights of insightful wisdom, unconditional joy, and deep peace.

I think rather than using the word mindfulness…

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