monday❤melt : they leave

You may have noticed, I’ve been less present than usual lately. Weird life. Now on vacation. With computer. But not getting around to blogging. You know I love to give you stuff to do, though, so I wanted to pass along this sweet post from Rara, and encourage you to write to her friend. (see bottom of post for mailing info). I’ll be around soon. Hugs, Leigh



I don’t have a scanner so the comic is hard to read, unless you click to make it bigger.

I’ll summarize it for you, though.  It’s titled:

Why Rarasaurs Make Bad Inmates

Reason One : They Talk to C/Os

It’s me waving to a C/O, and him waving back and calling me by name.

Reason Two: They Befriend Tough-Girls

It’s me, explaining to a girl on the yard why smoking is bad for her.

Reason Three: They scare easily.

It’s me, running out of a room after I accidentally flushed the toilet with my head.  It happened a lot, but in fairness– those toilets are loud.

Reason Four: They leave.

It’s me, being hugged and held tightly by my Inside Voices.


I left, but Cookie doesn’t get to leave.

She made this for me before I went home.  My heart squeezed so tightly that I thought for a second…

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