Dungeon Prompts: Choosing Happy

The street outside "home"

The street outside “home”

Today’s Dungeon Prompt:

Do you have a place to go when you need to be happy? Does it turn out that you are always happy in certain settings? Is happiness a state of mind that you can choose to turn on when you want to? How do you motivate yourself to be happy when you want to get out of a funk? Is happiness, for you, determined by external or internal factors? Share with us how you get to your happy place.

There is one place I go where there’s a level of content and inner peace I don’t quite find elsewhere. When I go back to house sit where I used to live in Marin Co., there’s just something about magical Mt. Tamalpais, the redwoods, etc. that calms and soothes.  Helped along by the many close friends of my heart who live there.

My apartment was in the home of one of my teachers and it’s a property that sees ceremonies, meditations, workshops on metaphysical topics, etc. on a regular basis so I suspect the energy of that particular property is part of the special healing.

For the most part, though, I’d say I find happiness anywhere, any time by choosing it.  Twenty some years ago I took a class with my teacher and friend, Ellen Margron, called Emotional Mastery.  Though there was more to it, she believed we have a full array of emotions so we may experience an amazing palette of feeling tones and the choice of which one to have at any given moment is entirely ours.

The main exercise we did over and over was to go inward while she [eventually we all taped ourselves so we could do the exercise any time] slowly named dozens of nuances of feeling/emotional tones.  She’d give us a little time to find that tone and move into it, then move on to the next.  Eventually we understood that we could move from one emotion to another at will.

With enough practice we learned how to take note of our feelings in any given moment, decide whether we wanted to stay with that feeling and choose to move into a different one.  If I’m feeling melancholy or tired or angry or whatever, I know I can take a breath, think “happy”, or “joyful” or “tranquil” and change the feeling any time I wish to.

Am I always mindful enough to note how I’m feeling and make a choice? Nope.  I’m not that mindful yet.  But often enough, I decide to feel happy and then I just am.  It goes with me everywhere and creates happiness within.  I don’t need to use it much when I’m visiting Marin 🙂


12 thoughts on “Dungeon Prompts: Choosing Happy

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    • It was awesome. I’ve been really sorry I didn’t take more notes and/or record her since she died without leaving any material to allow this work to go on. It was a great follow-up to doing the Fischer-Hoffman work with her and the tool of learning to shift my emotions at will has been one of the most important for me.

  2. Lots of ways to move emotionally. Choosing a good memory to relive; looking at photos of my grandchildren, watching the flock of bright red cardinals outside my window next to my computer,
    journaling about my feelings, thanking for all the blessings in my life, taking a home bound friend out to lunch, a jelly doughnut has great temporary curative power also, rereading a funny post- either mine or someone else’s, just talking to Jesus like I would my best friend, meditating on something in the life of Jesus that connects to what’s happening in mine, so I don’t feel alone, playing music that lifts my spirits, reminding myself of another time of sorrow and that joy came again, remembering times when I have felt totally loved.

  3. I was once taught that gratitude and depression cannot co-exist. So focusing on gratitude can help in shifting from the darker/heavier emotions and move us towards happiness.

    Watching children shows how fast emotions can shift. Kids can be upset one minute and playing together the next. As adults we tend to hold on to them and make ourselves miserable in the process.

  4. The idea of finding happiness in your childhood home sounds quite natural and warm.Loved reading your honest memories. And I specially love this exercise that you have described. Best way to be mindful of all your emotions and feelings, best way to evolve spiritually. I wish I could do the same though 🙂

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