Dungeon Prompt: Why do I blog?

By Okky.novianto (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The Dungeon Prompt for this week:

There are many different reasons for blogging. Some do it as a journaling exercise to work through issues. Others do it as a way to communicate with an online community. Some do it as advertising, while others do it to bring awareness to a particular cause. Many do it just as a creative outlet, and to practice and perfect their craft. Why do you blog? What do you get out of it? Are you happy with your experience so far? Let us in on what drives you to keep blogging

I began blogging a little over four years ago because I kept getting a nudge during meditations with my guides to do it.  Short pieces about the spiritual journey had been writing themselves in my head but I didn’t know why or what the forum for them might be.  Hence the meditation to call in my “council” and ask why I kept receiving these little essays and whether I was supposed to do something with them .

At the time I barely knew what blogging was but I’d learned to follow those nudges (at least the ones I’m not resisting 🙂 ) so I did a little research, picked WordPress and started posting twice a week.  And one of my friends and I read them regularly.  Didn’t know a thing about engaging with others or how to get a blog seen.

For months I was fine with that since the instruction to do it was mysterious and I had no stake in whether anyone read it or not.  Eventually, though, it seemed a little pointless other than whatever gains I made from the regular exercise of writing.

So I did some research about how to get readers and started prowling through other people’s blogs, following and liking and occasionally commenting.  Lo and behold, there were soon people following me!

I’ve never really taken to most of the social media stuff so my expectations were low.  The amazing community in which I’ve found myself immersed has been a revelation.  While a lot of mainstream blogging is of no more interest to me than people’s tweets and FB posts about stubbing their toes (in fairness, I’m blessed with friends who are deep seekers and whose posts in those other places tend to be uplifting, touching, interesting…), spiritual bloggers constantly move me, teach me, inspire me.

The world of spirituality blogging has proved to be full of amazing, insightful, deep people and I am now completely hooked on hanging out daily with my blogging pals, reading their amazing posts, commenting back and forth and feeling my world so enriched by these connections.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a couple of my fave bloggers in person, which has been wonderful.  I hope it happens with many more.

My world has been pretty circumscribed the last couple of years because of the health stuff. And also an odd inverse relationship wherein as my health improves my tolerance for what’s still wrong decreases; I’m much more likely now to skip a party or say no to going somewhere than when my health was far worse…  At any rate, these connections through blogging –along with my natural ability to hang out alone — have kept me from loneliness.

Posts are still writing themselves in my head and, for the most part, I only post when something is tapping on my shoulder and asking to be written.  I’ve been seeing the edges of a larger plan behind the Higher Self advice to start a blog.  Part of it has just been the development of a style to my writing that I think is much more readable than my previous attempts to write of my journey.  The rest of the “larger plan” is still pretty sketchy, so for now I’m just going to wait to write about it.

The short of it is I now blog because (1) I love the community I’ve found (or it’s found me?) and (2) telling my story and the things I’ve learned along the way still feels like the right thing to do.

17 thoughts on “Dungeon Prompt: Why do I blog?

  1. Thank you for sharing your blogging beginnings with us. For so many of us , a nudge was involved. i consider my blogging community to be my best friends, family of choice. How was it for you to meet some WP folks in person? Glad we met in dreamtime. If I am ever headed down south, I’ll let you know. Keep writing. Your presence here is very necessary. 😉

    • Both times it was great. One I actually met with her children and mother when they were traveling through the area. It isn’t usual for me to feel at ease instantly with a new person but something about the blogging made it feel already comfortable.
      If you head this way, absolutely let me know and I’ll think up some fun place to meet up.
      And thanks!

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  3. I think this is the first time I’m actually hearing, or reading the phrase, spiritual blogging. That’s pretty cool. It is pretty funny how the blogging world kind of takes over our lives and it was just a little push that gets us involved in the first place. The push, for me, seemed so arbitrary, when it was actually a supposed to be, very necessary part of my life.

    • I’m not sure anyone else uses the phrase, but I found a lot of folks by hunting on the category and tag “spirituality” and most of the community I have come to know and love blog about something to do with a spiritual path… And yes, it became enmeshed with my life beyond anything I’d have imagined.

  4. I love that you’re telling your story. I love that we met, even though in cyberspace. We are so much headed in the same direction, even if sometimes the details differ, our connection always feels like a confirmation.
    Alison ❤ ❤ ❤

    • I feel this way about connecting with both Leigh and Alison and Don. I live in a small town and attend a small church with very few opportunities to hear about different paths going in the same direction. On line I find both similarities and an openness to diverse experience that I don’t encounter at home. It’s very freeing. I write mainly to hear what the deepest part of me is thinking and saying. but it really helps when someone else affirms where I am.

  5. Thanks for telling your story. Your details are different and also similar my story. I know there is “something inside” that provides me with words to write. I write when I have something to say. I write for joy and the purpose it gives my life. It is amazing to me that my blog attracts Followers based solely on my writing which I consider pure gift. I love this global blogging community. ❤

  6. I love being blogging buddies. And rest assured, I follow your journey, even though I may appear silent on the comment front. I glean so much inspiration from your posts. Keep on blogging, love! xo

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