It’s almost Collective Prayer Sunday again…

Have you set aside a minimum of 10 minutes for peace?  Whether you stop for 10 minutes of pranayama (breathing exercise) or chant the lovingkindness chant (see CPS page for info) or sing a peace chant like Om Shanti or create a ritual to do by candlelight, anything that makes you more peaceful or envisions a peaceful world helps to create the growing wave of peacefulness.

Even though I favor saying the lovingkindness chant for earth, lately I’ve been stuck in a singing chants groove, generally singing the Gayatri Mantra and either Om Shanti or Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya (liberation).  I posted videos of Deva Premal singing the first two a little while ago here.  And the last one:

Happy peace time, however you choose to observe it!

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