Do you want a home or do you want a life?

Alison and Don regularly inspire. i love how this post exemplifies the wonders that can happen when we let go and trust the Universe

Adventures in Wonderland

We were in our sixties and faced with the reality that we couldn’t have both. We didn’t see it with such clarity at the time. All we knew was that we couldn’t afford for Don to retire and the stress was making him sick.

We had a mortgage. We also had a large outstanding debt from a bad investment. On the plus side we had some retirement savings but it was abundantly clear that it was nothing like enough money for us to maintain our somewhat ordinary middle class life, even with small government pensions. Don became both obsessed and stressed about money, largely without telling me.

He was working full-time as a neuropsychologist in private practice. His work involved assessment of people with head and brain injuries, for legal cases. He still had many outstanding cases and at any point could be called to court to give expert witness…

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8 thoughts on “Do you want a home or do you want a life?

    • Oh, that’s so nice — I love how our blogging worlds interweave. I think I found you through Liz at At this point I’ve found so many people by checking out the folks who comment, etc. on my fave blogs

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