Dungeon Prompt: Magic Powers

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Don’t forget to set aside some time to chant or pray for peace!

I take part in several different weekly prompts–some sporadically, some regularly.  The last few weeks there have been a few prompts that flummoxed me.  I either couldn’t understand the prompt or it just left me blank.  Usually I just don’t participate when that happens.  I’m equally puzzled by this week’s Dungeon Prompt (no fault to Sreejit, just something in me doesn’t get it) but I thought maybe I’d meander through some of my muddled thoughts and ask you to comment and give me your thoughts, insights, etc. so maybe I’ll understand it better or differently.

The prompt:

We are all gifted with certain magical powers. We may not have fully harnessed them, or we may rebel against the powers we’ve been given, but we know that they are there. The power may be so potent that we are scared to use it, or we may have come to terms and learned the intricacies of it. We may have used them for evil or for good, but when we think that we can go unnoticed, we have surely tested them out.

Magical powers go beyond a talent for something. It involves bending reality to your will. When your will comes in tune with the cosmic will you may notice your powers flow like a raging river. Whether you hide it or not, you know that it’s there. So this week, tell us about your magical powers.

It may be true that we all have magical powers, I’m not sure as I can’t quite decide from the prompt what they are. But I don’t have any sense whatsoever of having them and, if they’re latent, they’re so far beneath the surface of consciousness I’m not at all aware of them.

In the sense of extrasensory abilities, I’ve long believed that we all have more abilities than we remember and are discouraged as toddlers from believing in the auras we see or the thoughts we hear or the things we “know” are coming until we no longer consciously do those things.

If that’s the kind of magical powers, I’m aware of a lineage of “seers” in my family but it’s always been blocked for me and, though there are signs of opening since the healing session in the spring cleared a lot of blocks the ability still isn’t obvious nor do I have the faintest idea how to access it at will.  So the idea that I know I have it or that I use it purposefully is hard to grasp.  What I know of seers and “seeing” leaves me pondering how you could use that to bend the world your will???

The notion of powers that “bend reality to your will’ makes me edgy.  I’ve known plenty of strong-willed, often manipulative, people who use force or guile to get others to do their bidding, to organize the world to suit them.  It might be a form of power — though I’d argue it isn’t true power — but it sure isn’t anything I’d describe as magical.  In some areas of life I’m aware that I can be manipulative and I consider that a flaw to release from my life, not a power and certainly not magic.  The folks who are best at controlling their environment willfully I’d describe as narcissists or sociopaths or twisted — are those magical powers?

When it comes to a magic power I’ve used to bend reality, I’m blank.  I can’t even quite wrap my mind around the idea that a magic power ever could or would be used to force reality to your will.  When I’ m in tune with the Divine, I feel enormous power but it isn’t mine.  I’m one with the power of the universe and it feels immense and magical, but it’s not about me and I don’t know how I’d bend anyone to my will with that from of magic — when feeling one with the Divine I can’t conceive of anyone wanting to force the world to suit them.

If talents aren’t in the picture, several aspects I might have linked to this are off the table.  Then there’s fuzzier territory.  Years ago one of my teachers informed me that I had great charisma but kept it hidden.  I asked another teacher about it and she nodded emphatically and indicated she felt I had a great deal of buried charisma.  I’d always been so inward the idea of a charismatic me was novel. I did the chant for the prescribed 28 days with no noticeable change (though I loved the chant and felt its power enough that I come back to it every few years).    Is that a hidden magic power?  Or is that a talent?  I don’t know.

Much more of my charisma is on display now, I think, particularly when I teach.  But I don’t have any sense of it as being a power in the sense of forcing my will on the world.  I am, however, aware, that when I let that sunnier, more magnetic me out to play everyone around me is happier and the world feels good.  But I sense that as more of a flow with grace.  To me that’s a magical power:  something that helps you flow with the grace of life.

That’s as far as I can get.  Not sure if it’s a case of just using different words to describe the same thing or whether the concept of magical powers and how they’re used is something I just don’t understand.  I’m curious to hear from you:  what do you think magical powers are?  Do you use them to bend the world to your will?  Do you have a power you use to get your way?  If so, would you consider that to be magical? Do you have a specific power you think is magical?

9 thoughts on “Dungeon Prompt: Magic Powers

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  2. Actually when I was writing the prompt it was very much tongue in cheek for me, but I wrote it seriously enough that people could do whatever they wanted with it. When I answered the prompt I just made fun of the way that I always think that I know what someone is thinking but actually has nothing to do with what they are actually thinking, but it still affects me enough that I let it change my mood and so is changing my reality, or the world that I’m living in, which is totally different from your reality, and maybe is too loose of a translation on the word to still mean reality… anyways, nice article!

    • Ah, since you usually ask us to dig, I completely missed the tongue in cheek. That would have been more fun, but it was kind of interesting to try to pin down what I think magical powers are…

  3. i considered writing for this particular prompt, but I got stuck I guess. The bending reality to your will does not really work for me either, but it might just be semantics. I do not know Srjeeit well enough to know his exact meaning. I do suspect that you have many powers that you acknowledge and use to varying degrees.
    I was just discussing charisma the other night with a good friend of mine and we agreed that we both possess this quality. You probably do also.

    I think powers are more about alignment with reality and cutting through the crap. I am really good at noticing patterns that are less obvious to others. I did not ask for this gift. A gift is what you are given, not something you take.

    Looking forward to more comments here.

    much peace, Linda

    • I had trouble deciding about whether such “gifts” were what he meant by magical powers. Now I see from his comment that it was all meant to be funny so I set off in the wrong direction. Anyway, I get charisma as a gift but a power that bends reality to my will? That was a big stumbling block for me.

  4. I don’t believe in forcing my will on anything or anyone. That’s not magic to me. It’s more about being able to be in the flow so that shifts and changes that I desire can come to fruition. One thing I have learned about is shifting energy and creating real change. I’m still figuring it all out, but I believe I am making shifts at the level of spirit, that then trickle down to affect emotional and physical levels. I’ve been able to create some amazing magic there. I have healed some of my own physical issues and have come miles on healing deep emotional wounds. Fun prompt.

    • That’a been my big interest for a while — I spent a couple of years regularly doing the Eight Key Breaths, the Five Tibetan Rites and Flying Crane Chi Gung in order to both build and shift my energy and it really helped change a lot of things, including health. I’m sure that energy is key to everything, though I think working on other things also helps.

      • I should explain further because I think I was too vague. For me, shifting energy is discovering old beliefs that were created a very long time ago, and sometimes in a previous lifetime, that are still running their program in me, and seeing that they are not my truth. In that realization, I “heal it” or shift the energetic pattern. Recently I uncovered an old belief I created during a former lifetime that my being a healer meant I should have been able to cure people of their issues. Not my real truth. I could only help facilitate people’s own change in themself, as a healer. The curing part is up to them (and Divine Source/ God). During that lifetime I healed a person with their issue, and in doing so, freed them to be able to die and go on to other lifetimes and no longer have to have that particular issue. Their family only understood death as my failure to cure that person. Not my responsibility.

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