Inner and Outer Part 2– Being Human: What Matters?

Last week I put up a post about bucket lists and my thoughts about inner and outer value.  Part 2 is inspired in part by one of the many great posts from Alison and Don over at Adventures in Wonderland.  Don wrote a deeply thoughtful post about–among other things– questioning his value when he’s not racking up lists of services offered and “notable” accomplishments.

Since I’ve been thinking deeply about the issue of what we value, especially as to inner work vs. outer work, this post caused me to stop and contemplate once more.

I’ve mentioned a few times on the Journey2Peace posts and in general that I believe one of the most important contributions we can make to the world is to heal our inner beings so the energy we bring to the web of all life is peace, love and compassion.

It’s not that I don’t think people can start a foundation or do volunteer work or launch a pay-it-forward campaign and make a contribution because there are wonderful ways to offer service “out there”.  But we’ve reached a place where we only place value on credits garnered in these external ways.  My belief is that even service “out there” benefits from doing inner work and allowing spirit to lead.

Sometimes it seems society doesn’t care that a person who thinks up a program from a place of anger or tunnel vision about the world can create something that harms instead of helps.  As a sociologist I long ago learned how many times a theory or program was foisted on places around the world only to discover there was a flaw that made things worse instead of better.  But little credence is given to ramifications like that — as long as something got done with good intention, the perpetrators add to their list of credits.

And, because most of us don’t think in terms of a great web of energy connecting all of us, no acknowledgement whatsoever for internal clearing and healing is given.  No account is taken of the impact each person’s healing has on the whole.

I’ve believed for a long time now that people who have cleared issues and raised consciousness enough to hold a space of love and peace are able to envision programs and ideas more likely to serve the greater good.  I’ve also believed for a long time that the energy vibration each of us holds within the Oneness of All is perhaps the most important contribution or detriment we offer as humans.

When the world is in chaos and filled with war, the balance of energy leans to anger, hatred, violence, etc.; more energy in the web is angry than peaceful. If we want to shift the world to more harmony and peace, it starts with each person who changes his or her personal life to hold harmony and peace as their core.

When I see Alison and Don’s journey, I see an inspiring leap of faith in selling their home and setting out on this journey.  In their profoundly insightful posts about their journeys, not only through the world but in themselves, they offer us teaching, show us healing. I think that’s a huge contribution.  The world may not be ready yet to count that but I think it’s immensely important and service of the highest sort.

Whether you choose to practice mindfulness or pursue some form of emotional release work or chanting or…  as long as you are releasing the past and learning to live in the moment, where peace lives, you are serving the world.

16 thoughts on “Inner and Outer Part 2– Being Human: What Matters?

  1. Another winner Leigh. I saw a 20 minute documentary today directed by Morgan Spurlock that immediately raised my vibes. I was very subtly led to view it and was astounded by the positivity. I have been feeling sick ( again) and while watching it my heart opened and my attitude shifted. Please watch and let me know your reaction.

      • glad you enjoyed it. Hoping you understood why I thought it related to your post. The temporary shift felt lightened my spirits but did not eliminate my symptoms. Stress is a huge trigger for me and I still can handle it better. More to learn.

        • Yes, I got the connection. I’d love to see someone do this with a more conscious tuning inward process but I loved that they took lots of ideas from the community with a commitment to provide something people wanted instead of what they’d decided people needed.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. Working on my own personal healing and releasing is the most important work I can do for the planet at this time. Just had another amazing hypnotherapy session today (that I’ll write about after a while). Thank you for putting this out there.

  3. Thank you so much Leigh for your wonderful compliments. Although both Don and I have been looking at issues related to our value, and what we have to offer the world, I must say I entirely agree with your post. I do very much believe that the only real healing of this reality is the inner healing we all do.
    Alison xox

    • I’m so glad you were okay with this — tried (unsuccessfully I think?) to attach an early draft of this to a message on FB yesterday so you all could tell me you wanted to be left out or have me change something and then finally decided to post, thinking I could take it down later.
      I think one day us inward journey-ers will change the world.

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