Chant for peace

The Japanese Peace Bell and its pagoda at Unit...

The Japanese Peace Bell Photograph credit: Dragonbite. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been participating in Deepak’s latest 21 day meditation so part of my Sunday peace time will involve today’s meditation.

If you’ve been around Collective Prayer Sundays for a while, you know I recommend the lovingkindness chant:

  • The earth is filled with lovingkindness
  • She is well
  • She is peaceful and at ease
  • She is happy

But I also suggest that there are many ways you can hold a space for peace.  Sometimes it’s clearing out something within you that blocks peace.  Sometimes it’s saying a prayer.  Sometimes it’s creating a ceremony and carrying it out.  However you choose to celebrate peace today, thank you.

4 thoughts on “Chant for peace

  1. I am enjoying this particular Deepak meditation series but am not able to commit to the daily practice and wish they would keep them online longer. The message of grace is beautiful and relates well with world peace ( within and without).


    • I hear you — this time I’ve been staying pretty close (one day behind) but usually I’m lagging and wind up missing a few because of the short time they’re up. Of course, they’re trying to make people buy the set…
      This particular set, on grace and gratitude, felt like it arrived at a perfect moment for me and, I agree, the message blends well with peace.

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