In hindsight… when feelings relating to the past arise

Yesterday’s post reflected on using ho’oponopono to help understand oneness.  It came up out of synchronous circumstances arising lately.

At various points along the journey I’ve found myself impatient with other people’s issues–especially recurring emotions/reactions– and, often, when I’ve reflected about it I’ve realized that it’s an issue I’ve dealt with.  My general sense has been I rarely feel that way any more and I’m always vague as to whether my irritation appears because I’m still coping with the issue more than I realize or because I’m irritated with myself that I used to be that way.

Since I’ve had ho’oponopono on my mind a lot lately (hence the continual mention in posts 🙂 ), when someone else’s current issues started leaving me feeling both impatient and helpless to help, I finally had one of those “DUH” moments and realized it’s a perfect moment to use the prayer.

It doesn’t really matter whether I still have the issue or if I’m mad about having had it in the past, if I’m seeing it and feeling annoyed, something about it is in me and the ho’oponopono prayer is an ideal means of healing it.  And, given Hew Lens’ results, I’m excited to see whether healing myself seems to help anyone else.

I’ve often used the prayer for things very specific to me or very general in the world, so this will be the first time I’ve used it in a circumstance where it could help some people I’m close enough to to see if things get better for them.  How cool is that?  And it’s even easier to sense the oneness since I already feel connected.

I’ve already started and I’m so pleased to be trying this new path on the journey!

See also this great new post explaining ho’oponopono beautifully.


4 thoughts on “In hindsight… when feelings relating to the past arise

  1. I will try this for myself. Some people I’m close to can still trigger old stuff that I know I’ve healed, though it’s obviously still a mirror of some sort, if only the belief that it ‘should’ be different. Thanks Leigh.

  2. Hey Leigh. First off I apologize for not visiting. I no longer get notifications, again for any new post by any blog, and just been preoccupied. However Ho’ Oponopono has been on my mind lately as well. Matt Kahn’s concepts of setting intention is reminiscent of the Ho’ Oponopono prayer. What a great idea to put the prayer to work. ❤ I will try to catch up.


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