J2P Monday: Ancestors, Healing and Forgiveness

The Reiki Distance Healing symbol Honshazeshon...

The Reiki Distance Healing symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On my last J2P Monday post I wrote about ancestors and suggested that you look for patterns among your known family and in your ancestral lineages.  This time I’m going to suggest some means of healing ancestral issues.  Once you’ve healed, the final crucial step is forgiveness.

When I started discovering ancestral issues and working on healing them, I found I needed some different tools (or maybe just extra tools) than I’d used for hunting down and releasing my personal issues.  I wound up using an array, all of which helped, none of which worked alone.

1.  I started off just sending love and healing thoughts back up the line.

2.  At a friend’s suggestion I took the second degree Reiki class so I could learn the distance healing technique with which you can send energy through time as well as space.  Then I often sent Reiki.

3.  I gathered a group of friends for a ceremony.  We resonated into heart space, talked about our family patterns, then formed a circle.  Each person took a turn sitting in the middle while everyone else did Reiki or other healing for the ancestors.  We finished with saying the lovingkindness chant for the ancestors for a half hour.  We felt the presence of hundreds or thousands of ancestors join us.

In the next couple of weeks there were a number of stories from the group:  someone’s father checked himself into rehab, estranged sisters made up, other family rifts were solved.

4.  I created a ceremony to cut ties with one particular ancestor.

5.  I did some CranioSacral work with a practitioner who was willing and able to work with the ancestral issue.  During one of our sessions she recommended the next practitioner, Osunnike.

6.  Osunnike is not only a Reiki master but has studied Native American and African healing traditions.  There are many healers from shamanic traditions that deal with ancestral issues so ask around wherever you are and see if there’s someone near you.

7.  I said the lovingkindness chant for my ancestors often.

I still have a bit of work to do on the final piece, which is forgiveness.  In the Fischer Hoffman work, the final piece was essentially about forgiveness and Ellen always told us the process wasn’t complete unti there was forgiveness.

It took a long time for that to sink all the way in with me but I’ve come to understand how crucial that finishing touch is.  Because forgiveness is never about the other person or people and what they did or didn’t do.  It’s about you.  Forgiveness is the moment when you let go of what happened in the past and choose to live in the now.

You can choose not to forgive.  But that also means you’re choosing to let whatever happened in the past influence your present and your future.  It means you choose anger over love and compassion.  And you get to make that choice, but be conscious you are making it.  If you want to move on, free of the fetters of the past, you need to forgive.

I found with the ancestral piece it helped me to say the lovingkindness chant for them for a while.  The chant often transforms my feelings about people with whom I have issues.  Then, if there are residual feelings, it’s easier to forgive.

I chose to create a forgiveness ceremony to finish it off.  I wrote some prayers and chose some chants and created a circle in which to perform it.  I like a ritual to bring focus and intention.  but there are so many ways to work on it.  Just find the way that works for you.

I’d love it if some of you would work on figuring out these familial patterns and work on healing then either leave a comment here telling us about it or write a post and link it to this post.  Maybe just start with one and go through the whole process and then share about what happened.

4 thoughts on “J2P Monday: Ancestors, Healing and Forgiveness

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    I am reblogging 2 posts ( this one and the sequel) on Ancestral Healing from Leigh. They came up on my random post oracle and find them very timely since I am in the throes of doing this work. An interesting synch is that I just finished sending distance Reiki to my teacher and Leigh’s post has the symbol right here! Enjoy these gems from Leigh. ❤

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