Dungeon Prompt: The Turning Point

This week’s Dungeon Prompt:

You may have gone down a lot of different roads in your life, but tell us about the biggest turning point, or change of direction, that happened in it.  Was it inspired, or necessitated by circumstance?  Would you go back and change it if you could or was it the greatest thing that ever happened to you?  Tell us about a moment in your life when you suddenly decided to change direction.

I’m not sure I can pinpoint the moment that changed my direction, and life ever since has been an unending series of small and large changes, all flowing from the original turn to face a new horizon.

After law school I became a study in misery.  Hadn’t especially wanted to be a lawyer.  Hated law school.  Wound up disappointed in the promise of law.  In the mid-seventies to early eighties a wave of Supreme Court decisions* and public-interest minded lawyers created a wave of jobs and agencies in which the law could be used to foster good, especially in environmental issues.

By the time I earned the J.D. Reagan was in power and those jobs were disappearing.  Although I managed to find a job that mainly involved working to block nuclear power plants, it turned out I just didn’t much like the work.  As noted in a recent post, I tended to whine and complain and at this point the lamenting became ceaseless.

To ease some of the tension I found my way to acupuncture and began having regular treatments that started a bit of energy moving.  But over all the angst went on.

Eventually various friends from scattered places all began to ask me if I’d thought about seeing a therapist.  Even I could see that something needed to change.  My friend Ann had been seeing a therapist who used meditation and past-life regression and somehow I knew that was the therapist for me.

I’d believed in past-lives since reading about Bridey Murphy in high school and had long had a matter-of-fact acceptance of spiritual matters beyond the physical, so I felt drawn to this therapy as soon as she told me about it.

Michele started me off reading The Nature of Personal Realitydoing guided meditations, and learning about creating your own reality.  Soon I was reading Shakti Gawain, taking classes on metaphysics, and visiting channelers.  I felt as if my heart had found its home.  Relieved, excited, in love with a new world view.

Some months later I began taking yoga, which led to more meditation classes–yoga style– and studying pranayama.

By a few years later I could no longer tolerate the law job… or the law.  I walked away into a life of seeking and transforming and uncertainty and never looked back.

But which moment created the change?    Was it when my friend told me about her therapist?  Did the acupuncture open an energy pathway that influenced my decision to try therapy and the therapist I chose?  Did the materials the therapist introduced me to change my course?  Did yoga make the final difference?  Or did I start a march toward all this when I read The Search for Bridey Murphy in high school?

I tend to think of the day I chose to start therapy with Michele as the main turning point but I know enough about how complexly life is woven to look back and see a collection of decisions that all led me down a new and different path.

*Thank you Justice William Douglas

8 thoughts on “Dungeon Prompt: The Turning Point

  1. It’s all the same for me too Leigh, except the law bit. The needing much inner help, hearing about rebirthing from my room mate, saying I wanted to do it too, my rebirther introducing me to Seth. I think I’d say reading Seth was the turning point, though I know I’d needed those few rebirthings I’d done beforehand to be open to it. Miraculous the way it all works.

    • I love how our stories have so many similarities. And yet so different — I’m not an intrepid traveler and am happy to see the remote places you go via your posts 🙂

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  3. In all of those decisions, you followed your heart. I, too, can look back and see a series of decisions that got me to where I am today. The bigger, scarier ones were definitely the most important ones because they shifted the direction of things a lot. It’s in those times that I listened to my heart (for the most part).

    • I don’t think I knew I was listening to my heart at the time, but there’s definitely been some instinct guiding me toward this path; it almost surprises me now that I.followed it back then. Sounds like you’ve been in tune to your heart for a long time.

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