J2P Monday: Bear with me

Peace Bird by Dean S. Miller

Peace Bird by Dean S. Miller (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The final throes of unwinding have been keeping me awake and kind of generally bugging me, so when I tried to compose the post I intended I found I just couldn’t concentrate.

The planned post relates to ancestral and familial patterns and how they interfere with peace.

So I thought I’d just throw out a suggestion — or a challenge, if you will — to give some thought to your family and start exploring your ancestors.

When I started thinking about my extended family in terms of patterns I could see running through the generations, I realized I could see a lot of character traits and physical holding patterns that I’d never noticed before.

Then when I started searching on the internet for more information about my ancestors, I started seeing that some of those patterns started long before the family of my lifetime.

So just think about the family members you’ve known and think of them in terms of patterns and physical movements or ways of holding the body and see if it illuminates any aspects of your life.  See whether censuses and birth and death certificates can suggest more about patterns.

Just explore.  As soon as my muscles settle down and I can get some sleep I’ll work on the post and then you’ll have more you can do with the info you’ve gathered.

One thought on “J2P Monday: Bear with me

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