Way Out On a Limb

Besides loving the travel side of their blog — and getting to “go” places without having to bother with the pesky travel — I love the great insights and self-revelation and this post is a winner.

Adventures in Wonderland

From Alison: 31 May 2015 – I listened to a Jim Carrey commencement speech today. It’s long, twenty-six minutes, but the best of it starts from ten minutes in. If you don’t have time now, save it for a quiet moment and listen. It’s brilliant. It’s funny and moving and full of truth.

Three things hit me hard after watching Jim Carrey’s speech.

The first was a clarity that my life has been about what I can get. It has never been about what I can give. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been kind, and kind-hearted, and done nice things for other people, or that all of that hasn’t been genuine, but always running unconscious beneath the surface has been a kind of low-grade, and at times desperate, neediness. What does life have to offer me and how do I get it? From a feeling of inclusion, friends, support, money…

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