J2P Monday: Different paths

After missing last J2P Monday altogether, I’m going a little short and lazy today.  When my CranioSacral appointment was cancelled last week my head apparently decided to accomplish more opening on its own so sleep has been sporadic; and here I was trying to get MORE sleep 🙂

Ever since I posted about ho’oponopono a few weeks ago I’ve been trying to get myself to be mindful of doing it whenever something throws me off.  The thing is, I trained myself to mindfully remember to repeat the lovingkindness chant whenever I feel off center so that’s what I tend to do.

In one sense the result is the same — they both lead me to a centered, calm space.  But as I’ve managed to say the ho’oponopono prayer sometimes instead I’ve noticed there is a difference for me.  On the way to calmness, Mornah’s prayer reminds me that everything I see “out there” is me.  Whatever I like or don’t like, approve of or am offended by, comes from within me.  And I can heal it all in myself.  Although the same path is probably contained within the lovingkindness chant I don’t experience that moment of knowing.

Mornah’s prayer leaves my whole body feeling calm.  The chant brings all over calm, but it especially ignites energy in my heart.

So I’m curious to hear how others experience them.  If you’re willing, try out alternating between healing with the ho’oponopono prayer and with the lovingkindness chant.  However you want to switch it up, one all day one day and the other the next or alternating each time you think you need an adjustment back to center.  Just see what feelings each one brings.  How does it feel in your body?  How does it feel in your thoughts?  Does one leave you more calm than the other?  Where do you feel it in your body?

Mornah’s Prayer:

Divine creator, father, mother, son as one.  If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness.   Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light.  And it is done

The lovingkindness chant:

  • I am filled with lovingkindness
  • I am well
  • I am peaceful and at ease
  • I am happy

After you’ve tried it out, come back and comment or write a post about it, link to this post and add the “Journey2Peace” tag.

Also want to make sure you know about the FREE three-part video series with Jack Kornfield, offered by Sounds True.

Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 thoughts on “J2P Monday: Different paths

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing, Leigh.
    While I don’t do any particular chants or prayers, I do like this approach very much that you described. That everything I see out there is me, and if something disturbs me, then I must first look inside and see why it bothers me so much ( rather than going out and trying to change the world out there).
    That has amazing real-life implications. I observe in my case and also for some people around me that the world out there restructures as a result of this approach, going inside and taking care of my own inner peace first. After a while,the world out there reflects the changes in here. That is, my world ‘out there’ becomes less stressful and more peacful.

    An example from real life from someone I have met who is also on a spiritual path:
    A mother who was in a state of constant overwhelm due to a busy schedule and due to conflicts with her daughter, decided that she needed more inner peace. She took some measures like meditating regularly and resolving to stay calm in disagreements with her teenage daughter. And then one day, her daughter wanted to change to another school. The good outcome of this was that the mother’s duty to drive her daughter to the school in another town fell away.( Now, for the new school, the daughter could take a bus). So, the mother had more free time on her very busy schedule.

    There are no limits to these miracles. If I am at peace, then everything flows more easily. Synchronicites show up more easily. Things fall into place.My children fight less. The workload is lower. Issues at work are resolved more easily.

    It is really the case that our thoughts are not inconsequential. We think so often that it is ok to be angry or reactive about the world out there. But this anger and reactivity will only be the CREATING CAUSE for the next round of turmoil, which is only seemingly ‘out there’.

    It is as if the universe bows and says, “Dear child, you love anger and fighting and being upset? Let’s see, what I can do for you.” And, boom, like a rabbit out of a wizards hat, there is the next round of turmoil, all just for our entertainment.

    • That’s a lot of good explanation of how this all works — thanks for adding it!
      I’m glad the practice speaks to you.
      I agree, every time one of us heals something within ourselves we heal it for others too. In our most immediate circles the ripples are often seen quickly.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Leigh. I’ve found Mornah’s work and example really inspiring as well, and work with chant (mantra yoga), too (after leaping into what turned into a 1000 mantra sadhana that completed in mid April 2014, it’s pretty much a natural now!) :). I appreciate Karen’s comments as well. Many thanks. Jamie

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