The journey and the time it takes

When I chose a post to reblog for Sindy’s challenge I went on instinct but wasn’t sure why I landed there.  I guess the reason in part is that I’ve been reflecting on the journey from hearing there was a problem ancestor to realizing I carried many issues and muscle patterns from my ancestors to my recent healing.  And remembering back to the ceremony.

Since Sindy’s challenge also suggests revisiting or redoing topics from the past, I thought I’d connect that series of ceremony-related posts to the current healing stuff.  On this journey, the discovery of one issue or ancestor or past life problem is often just the first step in a series.  I remember from my own early days, I always wanted to believe that whatever I’d just resolved was complete and it seems that’s often how people feel.

Over the years, though, I’ve found that issues often come in layers or multiple strands.  When I finished the ceremony regarding the ancestor, I felt pretty much complete with her.  I did revisit her later when I conducted some forgiveness exercises but I didn’t feel her presence running aspects of my life any more.  And some of the physical issues connected to her moved along more quickly.

But not fast enough, eventually, for me.  So I returned to CranioSacral and received the referral to set up a long and amazing appointment with another healer.  In the days before, my guidance reminded me that I’d run into issues much like the one with my ancestor in a number of past-life experiences.  The healer found not only layers of past life influences but also more ancestral stuff.

I think my ceremony accomplished what I wanted as far as the ancestor witch but now I see some of the issues were not related only to her.  And that’s an important piece of the journey which is often ignored — sometimes you have to dig, find something, heal, and then just keep on digging some more… and more… and more…

In one sense it’s fortunate for me that my emotional and spiritual issues played out so heavily in my body.  Because, to be honest, if I’d only been emotionally and/or spiritually stunted I don’t know that I’ve had the will to carry through all the digging, practices, releasing, changing, etc. I’ve had to undergo.  But the physical issues were unbearable to me and my determination to be free of all the muscle problems (you can check the Healing Journey tab above to follow along the healing journey) kept me going through all the baffling treatments, exercises, personal revelations, dark nights, and releases.

If you don’t have an issue that’s driving you forward, I understand how it would be easy to do a certain amount and just stop there.  I encourage you, however, to be willing to keep looking inward, keep digging, keep moving toward freedom from issues, toward higher consciousness.  The rewards along the way are so worth all the dark nights, the confrontations with unpleasant memories or aspects of yourself and the transformation that can change you so much you have spells when you’re not sure who you are any more.

While I have tracked progress particularly through health improvements, I have opened to so many aspects of myself, changed to be so much more open to life and possibilities that I know all the work has led to change beyond measure or price.  Impatient me still wishes the journey could have been shorter, but really, I don’t think I’d change the journey at all.

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17 thoughts on “The journey and the time it takes

  1. Thanks Leigh for tying this all together and impressing the notion that life is layered and that are continuous levels of expansion, up until we all merge into pure consciousness. As I was taking out trash today ( the irony, yes!) I was revisiting all the years of self work, therapy, etc I have done, and wondering why I can still feel so “off”. I did not reach an answer, but would conjecture that I have made some progress, but it is irrelevant now. We are in the present moment and the everpresent constantly changes and morphs along with our state of awareness. Am I making sense?

    I may consider retooling an old post for the challenge and to delve into some uncharted territory.


  2. Leigh that is such an amazing post. thank you girl for sharing those thoughts. Truly continuing to dig deeper and peel the layers, not always fun, but worthwhile.

    I learn so much from you sister ❤


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  7. I know just what you mean. I’ve thought so many times that I was done with an issue only to have it return in a different way, either physically or socially (having my buttons pushed) and I’ve had to go deeper and deeper. My right hip has been the catalyst for much inner exploration for several years now. Hoping I’m getting to the end sometime soon with that one. But like you I don’t think I’d change the journey at all. It seems to be perfect just as it is.
    Alison xox

    • Ooh, sore hips affect so much in life. I’m envisioning you have healthy hips! That “I wouldn’t change it” part is what I wish I could figure out how to convey better to people who are resistant to looking at the hard stuff — that there are rewards so much greater than the pain of looking…

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