Ceremony Breakdown: The Chants

Sindy over at Blue Butterflies and Me has invited fellow bloggers to participate in a “retro” challenge and choose an old post to reblog or repurpose or redo. See it here: https://bluebutterfliesandme.wordpress.com/2015/05/18/lets-go-retro/comment-page-1/#comment-8976
It was hard to choose and I have no particular reason for landing on this one, but somehow it seemed to be the one…

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

Ganesha by Kirti Krishna Badkundri on Wikimedia

For a “wiccan” ceremony I suppose some would consider it odd to spend the first half hour saying and singing Tibetan and Sanskrit chants.  But as I’ve pointed out before, I like to put together elements of different traditions that speak to me.  If you’ve not been following along on this journey, I’m going to list some posts below.

The overall reason for chanting, after calling in the four directions to consecrate the circle, arose from my sense that I wanted my vibration to be in the highest and best alignment to the desired outcome.  Ordinarily I would have chanted the lovingkindness chant for myself, but since it was also Collective Prayer Sunday, in this case I chanted for earth (making it a two-fer???).  No matter for whom I chant my heart always opens and fills me with loving energy and that…

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12 thoughts on “Ceremony Breakdown: The Chants

  1. A great selection Leigh. The challenge does not mean only reblogs. You can also post on anything re- rededicate, renew, reorganize…..those too! There is however some great post to revisit (reblog) as it were. This is definitely one of those post worth sharing a second time around.
    Thanks for contributing Ms. Leigh!


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