Peace and update

I hope you enjoyed time for praying or chanting for peace today!  (see this page for info about Collective Prayer Sundays).

The impact of my amazing healing session continues to unfold, with new insights and feelings.  I’m past the end of the 30 day period of “percolating” and feeling still so excited and pleased by how much changed with that day.  But also like it’s taking more than 30 days to complete the unfolding and processing of the healing.

Lots of unwinding in the muscles in my face–finally to a point where I can feel individual muscles instead of intertwined, glued-together lumps.  As of another lovely craniosacral appointment earlier this week, Robyn and I both felt one more appointment may be all it takes to finish!  Thirty years later, I have to tell ya I wondered often if I would ever reach a day when a practitioner said one more session should do it.

My idea about turning my Flowing Body, Flowing Life concept into a multi-faceted venture is still coming together.  I’ve been pretty pumped as the ideas flow and the plan comes together.  I’m taking my time and intend to write outlines and make lists, etc. before I start doing anything, but what I have so far feels like everything that I’ve been learning and doing for the last 25 years is being woven together to create a new project I love.

So much is changing/has changed about my energy and how I feel in the world, it’s still hard to express it.  I’m particularly enjoying doing long-time favorite practices and noting how much more I feel, how much more impact they have.

Life is good!


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