Dungeon Prompts: Introducing the Alter Ego

Spring in my garden

Interesting prompt today from Sjreejit at Seeker’s Dungeon:  Introducing the Alter Ego

We all have some aspect of our personality that most don’t see.  It may be a superhero that we walk the world as.  It may be a tough guy telling back the bullies that only you hear on the inside while the world sees a soft spoken person.  It may be the shy, sensitive, insecure child that you cover up with a bold and outgoing personality.  Who are you hiding within?  Who do you walk the world as, but most do not see?  Introduce us to your alter ego.

It led me to realize what a big shift there’s been.  For most of my life I’d say I worked hard at hiding how generally frightened–terrified even–of the world I was.  How unworthy and uncertain I felt.  How I worried that any day someone would realize I wasn’t good enough, worthy enough, lovable enough…

I’m not going to say I’ve eliminated all traces, but today I realize I really don’t undergo all those things any more.  I feel more balanced in my inner and outer world–as if there’s not a big difference most of the time.

There’s also been an angry kid in there and a lot of irritability. In that aspect I’d say there’s a good bit more work though I’ve released a lot of anger and spend far less time in that space.  I’d say it’s the main aspect of me that I work hard to hide.  I think a lot of people close to me would smile because it isn’t hidden that well 🙂

Most of the time at this point I’m pretty serene, so the irritability factor is not the huge presence it once was.  Sometimes I’m calm and happy and not hiding anger or irritation at all.

The journey to this place of calm and confidence has been so long and arduous I sometimes don’t notice how much has changed.  Moments like this are so sweet, when I stop and see how it was and then how it IS.  Thanks Sjreejit for the nudge!

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8 thoughts on “Dungeon Prompts: Introducing the Alter Ego

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  2. I’m in a similar situation. When I think back to how angry and irritable I used to be, and how I would act to certain situations, that is when I realize that I’ve really come a long way.

  3. I can also relate… mostly to the measuring up part (personally), but also the anger and irritability aspects (professionally). The addressing the former is an active, ongoing process, as I realize the expectations of others all my life have greatly influenced the expectations of myself. I am working hard to accept all of my shortcomings, and not just in the hidden places, but in the open world. As for the long-term anger… well, it is simply self-defeating. It is an empowering of sorts, allowing that thing or person or condition to control your heart, your pulse, your existence. It steals your freedom and beauty, and nothing/no one is worth the cost. I am so happy that you are in a sweet, calm and confident place. Onward and upward – always – or, at the least, in just a minute… 🙂

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