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We’ve all heard the expression, “you took me to church,” meaning you gave it your all and I was feeling the spirit. But people experience the colloquial church in many different ways.  Some experience it during Football Sundays, or with music or dance, or in a relationship.  While others may experience it in an actual church, temple, mosque, synagogue or in nature.  This week tell us about what takes you to church.  If you are writing about your place of worship, then tell us what part of the experience puts you over the edge. Is it the sermon?  The music?  The testifying? Or are there other life experiences that, although may not be outwardly religious, fill you with incomparable joy.

The moments I’m “taken to church” are rarely in a church (building) or at a service.  Although I’ve had moments of joy while holding hands with those around me and singing “Let there be peace on earth,” at a variety of Unity churches, I’d say far more have come at workshops and gatherings at which a group has joined in harmonic energy in order to perform a ceremony or prayer or offering.

A whole group quietly reverent together and joined in the purpose of love or peace or compassion is so powerful!  I feel the exponential impact of two or more gathered together and creating something more — more power, more love, more heart…

I think the first time I experienced it was many years ago at a Shirley MacLaine workshop.  There were something like 1,000 partcipants and at the end of the last day we all joined hands as she led us on a meditation connecting our energy in love and sending it out in ever-widening circles around the world.  I hadn’t felt anything so immense before.

A few years later, at Nine Gates Mystery School, we spent two 10-day sessions learning –among many other things– how to build energy in a particular chakra and hold that space as a group.  For a few more years I went back as staff.  Part of our job was getting into the energy of whichever chakra the group was working on and to hold that energy in the room no matter what happened.  Now, whenever I go to an event with Nine Gates graduates, whether or not I’ve met them before, I realize that at some point we’ve moved into an energy space together.

I’ve experienced it at many spiritual gatherings and when I lead a group I generally use the “resonation” exercise from Nine Gates to bring the group into heart space.  That sense of harmony and oneness when people drop their personal stuff and everyday worries and let the sweetness of their divine selves radiate–that’s what brings me to church.  Every time.

It’s there, too, when I’m alone and go inward.  Whether I speak the lovingkindness chant or sing chants or meditate, when I reach that place of quiet and connection where the divine in me dwells, that’s church.

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9 thoughts on “Dungeon Prompts: What is my church

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  2. I haven’t thought of “Let There Be Peace on Earth” for years. I love that song and have many memories of singing it. It definitely “takes me to church”. I have also had many special workshop memories.

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