J2PMonday: Not beating the drums

Ever since I read this Abraham Hicks quote, the last part has been running often through my head:

dont beat drum quote

And every time I read e-mails or posts in which someone discusses how bad the world is, how full of problems the earth is, how terrible this or that environmental problem is, I think, “Don’t beat the drums of the problems!”

And more and more I think, “I’m not going to beat the drums of the problems — and I don’t want to hear that beat.”  To me, the image of beating the drums is both about drums as a means of communication and the vibration raised by whatever you’re playing on the drum.

There’s an energy to that vibration and it’s a magnet.  If you’re proclaiming the problems, fretting over the terrible crisis of this or that, you’re magnetizing more of it to us all.  Energy flows where attention goes, so if your attention is on problems and trouble instead of what’s good then the energy of trouble is growing.

It’s not that you can’t notice anything, it’s how you pay attention to it.  Louise, at Dare Boldly, does a lovely job of advocating for the homeless.  I don’t recall seeing any posts in which she was hand wringing or pointing fingers and jumping up and down about the problem.  Instead, she reminds us of the essential goodness of the people with whom she works and tells us about success stories and programs that are working.  It’s a small thing that, to me, makes a big difference.

Although there’s no posting challenge this month, I’m going to issue a challenge for you to just try to pay attention to what you beat the drums for.  For a week, see if you can catch yourself every time you’re clucking your tongue and thinking about whatever you see as problem in the world.  Think about whether you want to beat the drum for that.  Are there positive things you can think about instead?  Has anyone anywhere made progress about the issue?

The media tends to emphasize problems but if you look around there are always great stories of people’s kindness, of great non-profits that people have founded, improvements in environmental issues, etc.  Look for the positive stories and beat the drums for those.  A few spots to check:

CBS Sunday morning also offers lots of great stories about people doing good and interesting things.

What do you tend to beat the drums for?  Are you playing the drum beat that sings of all the good and wonderful things in the world?  Or the drum beat that laments the problems?  Are you becoming a magnet for good or bad?  In the great web of all life, what message do you want to bear?

If post about the exercise, link here and when I pick up the pingback I’ll mention it in the next post.

18 thoughts on “J2PMonday: Not beating the drums

  1. I also enjoy CBS Sunday Morning, where most if not all of the stories are fascinating and positive. Wonder who produces it? Your post is quite provocative Leigh and that is a good thing. It can be quite challenging to not express concern for problems global and/or personal ( kinda the same concept actually). But I do understand your point and I do agree with you.

  2. Yes yes yes! ITA with all of this. Been doing my best to beat the drum of good for a while now. Focus on the “bad” and that’s what you’ll get. Well said Leigh!
    Alison xox

  3. Don’t know if it’s beating drums, but I’m constantly talking and writing about the amazing changes and miracles of energy healing. Just amazing! Thanks for reminding us to focus on the positive.

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    • Sorry I missed this. Just happened to look back at the post and caught your comment. Since the negative stuff is flying all around us it’s a challenge to keep it from sticking. Sounds like you do some good work toward staying positive.

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