J2P Monday Challenge Break


I started J2P Monday last November, to reflect on peace, provide tips and exercises for being peaceful, etc.  It was part of missing the old Bloggers for Peace group.  A few people responded that they’d be interested in something about peace starting up again.

So in December I decided to issue a monthly challenge, inviting people to think about peace and peacefulness from a variety of angles.  I’ve enjoyed thinking about challenges but there’s been little participation and I’ve decided to take this month off as far as the posting challenge; tba whether I will continue.

As I’m having a bit of trouble tonight with the unwinding muscles behind my eyes, today’s suggestion for peace is lazy.  Moola Mantra is one of my favorite chants and is said to raise your consciousness.  It was probably the most-requested music in my yoga classes and created such a lovely atmosphere. So start the recording, lie back, let go and hold your focus on the chanting.  The eye thing, BTW, is a good thing — lots of progress, but it’s hard to write with my eyes jerking around…

6 thoughts on “J2P Monday Challenge Break

  1. I enjoy your tips about looking at peace from different angles, Leigh. I also think that inner peace is very important.

    I also like your stories about your healing journey a lot. They are very interesting and encouraging.
    I’ve learned a lot from your posts.

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