Changes, magic, peace time

Peace Time

Peace Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Changes continue to unfold since the healing session with Osunnike.  So much is shifting, so many petal unfurling, so much in process that I’m struggling to write about it; in part it’s so transient I don’t have conclusions or final thoughts.  Along with reminding you to pray or chant for peace, I thought I’d just mentioned a few of the areas in which I’m noticing shifts.  Posts will probably follow.

1.  I mentioned long ago that I’d had such a feeling of magic about this path when I began and lost it along the way.  I’m slowly feeling a re-emergence of that sense of magic.  Not as giddy as the first time, perhaps (thank goodness), but lovely to welcome it back.

2.  Muscles holding my left eye painfully stuck are finally loosening.  I keep mentioning feeling more freedom than I’ve known — since this has gone on so long I have no memory of relaxed eyes, every time there’s opening, for me it’s an experience of more freedom and comfort than I remember.  While there are still some pretty tight fibers, it’s loosened enough to feel gloriously free compared to what I’ve known.

3.  I have more energy and stamina than I’ve had in years and have been able to do a bit more without collapsing in fatigue.

4.  Osunnike mentioned some things she was seeing about my future, including something to do with my movement classes, and with teaching in general–which I’d given up on.  She didn’t give exact information, just said there was more to it than just the movement.  I’ve had an idea floating around for a while about a studio called “Flowing Body, Flowing Life” and there’s been a nudge toward picking that idea up again.

Then I watched Oprah’s interview with Dr. Christine Northrup (it’s embedded below and SO good!), discussing growing older agelessly.  For years I’ve seen growing older differently as I’ve progressed from a stiff, half-dead 32-year-old, to a strong, flexible, flowing 62-year-old and as they chatted I found myself thinking, “Flowing Body, Ageless Life”, a notion that continues to float around.

Not sure what the whole package looks like and I still like my original title (which is also popping up in my thoughts), but I have this tingling sense of something lovely forming in the ethers.

5.  Over the years I’ve felt many changes in practices as my healing on every level has progressed.  Lately I’m particularly aware of feeling far more impact from every practice, from singing chants to practicing yoga to doing the Eight Key Breaths, etc.

6.  I’ve been saying/creating/memorizing affirmations, creating visions, working on positive thinking for 30 years and it often seemed I couldn’t get there.  Now that the pull of the ancestors has been lifted, all those years seem to be paying off and I’m noticing every day how upbeat and positive my thoughts and expectations are.

6 thoughts on “Changes, magic, peace time

  1. Your story is so inspiring and I look forward to more updates. Thanks for sharing the SuperSoulSunday episode. I keep thinking about it and how exciting my life can still be!

    I hope you will continue to follow the breadcrumbs that will lead you to your next creative venture.

    peace always,


  2. Fantastic! I was with a local woman today who is wonderfully intuitive and connected. It was supposed to have been a workshop class, but as I was the only one who showed up, we talked about a variety of things. Finally, she got the intuitive hit to lead me through a guided meditation to help me do some clearing and healing work. It went quite well. I seem to always move a lot of energy with her meditations. Saw that interview with Dr. Northrup- it was fantastic. Been a fan of hers for years. Keep up the processing and integration!

    • Oh, thank you. I do hope that somebody out there can be helped by my story. More progress reports are forthcoming — this has been an amazing couple of weeks…

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