Is it true — does it matter?

English: miracles - by Remi0o

English: miracles – by Remi0o (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know the regular crowd here pretty much gets the healing stuff I’m talking about.  But there are lots of folks who drop by who don’t necessarily believe in past lives or cellular memory or healers like Osunnike, so I thought I add some thoughts about stories like mine that involve other lifetimes and ancetral imprints, etc.

Two of my earliest teachers were Ann and Arthur Cataldo.  They’d been psychologists (clinical, in Arthur’s case; not sure about Ann, who has since died) whose lives were transformed by doing the Course in Miracles.  She began channeling an entity, Simon, and he began channeling healing.  He also led past life regression work.

At the first workshop I attended with them we did some regression work.  Arthur addressed the question whether past life stories are real by saying that as a psychologist he didn’t know that it mattered.  People’s lives were clearly changed after working with past lives and that makes it worth doing.

From his perspective, the healing was the point.  It made no difference whether something about the “story” just made it easier for the mind to heal or whether the past life memory was true and its release created the healing.  Real or fiction, if the client/student is changed by the experience that’s the important thing.

I thought this was brilliant and I’ve brought it to mind periodically ever since.  Now, personally, I believe there is so much beyond our ordinary sense of reality.  I believe in past lives and ancestral legacies and hands-on-healing and angels and guardians …

But if I tell my story to someone who doesn’t believe, I just explain it doesn’t matter to me whether it is or isn’t real or true; these “stories” heal me, change my world and leave me transformed.  So I don’t care whether I can prove “the ancestor made me do it” or my past life as a priestess influenced my life.  I have deep faith that this path is right for me.  The many amazing ways in which my life and health have transformed are all I need to know.

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8 thoughts on “Is it true — does it matter?

  1. You raise an excellent point Leigh.. I remember years ago disagreeing with my boyfriend about the validity of his teacher. He said ( paraphrase) that is does not matter if someone is really channeling an entity or if they live their lives a particular way. What does matter is if their message or teaching is truth. I always remembered this conversation when I wonder about someone’s integrity. I think this idea blends well with your perspective. If a story proves to be healing, its origin is immaterial.


    • Yes, that’s how I always felt about channeling. Whether it’s an entity or the person’s higher self or whatever, if the message speaks to me I’ll keep reading the channeled stuff.

  2. If it rings true – accept it. If not – don’t. There are many ways to grow and to learn and I suspect there is so, so much more for us to learn about the myriad aspects of this thing we call life. Thanks for sharing, Leigh.

    • Oh boy yes, I think it’s one of the most humbling things about this path — realizing that no matter how much you learn or grow or comprehend, there’s always more to know in this infinite life.

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