J2PMonday: Bee Breath

Bee-wolf feeding on Baby's-breath.

Bee-wolf feeding on Baby’s-breath. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Besides reminding you two weeks remain to post something on the challenge, I thought I’d give you another exercise that can bring you to a peaceful place.

Bee Breath

This is a pretty simple breath with a lovely impact.  Using the Full Breath technique (see here), inhale fully.  With mouth closed, exhale through the nose and hum (one note)–or think of it as saying an extended “hmm” with your mouth closed– as you exhale.  Keep exhaling and humming until you have emptied all breath. You will sound more and more like a bee, the longer you can keep exhaling and humming.

This breath is relaxing and can be used before bed to help you sleep.

Challenge Reminder

Write about the role of women in creating peace; from education to equality to power to the Divine Feminine and more, tell us whether you think changing something regarding women could help the world find peace.  Tell us how you would do it.  Or explain what needs to shift in order to get there.

Don’t forget to add this link: https://bluegrassnotes.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/j2p-monday-the-women/ (so I get a pingback and others can see it in the comments list) and tag it with J2PChallenge and Journey2Peace.

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